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Great find.

We can't be baited by any of this "too dark", "out of focus", "bad resolution" bigfoot video bullshit.

It has to be crystal clear so there are no questions about what is being shown.

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That's why they dropped the deep fake media. Someone either thought they were dropping down breadcrumbs, or studying how far you can push an unsourced assertation.

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Waaaaait a minute. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Da36KWSV4AA2VN6.jpg This "supper club" has catered to John Podesta and Abramovich? Just hear me out. Internet autists track down the origin of the mask to learn it's not Abedin. Everyone takes a sigh of relief about the snuff film, claim hoax and go back to researching. Instead, the road leads directly back to Podesta and his witch? Ok, now there's a thing called coincidence and then there's an actual solid lead. Think about it. The screenshot with the macabre version of mask wasn't random. Whomever decided to find a "picture" to add to their "hoax", obviously knew just what picture to choose. In other words, the perp of the "hoax" just so happens to be aware of the Hush Supper Club and that particular photo.

So there's only three possibilities. 1. A hoaxer, with no ties to Abramovich nor the Hush Supper Club got lucky with that picture choice or 2. A hoaxer with direct contacts to the aforementioned people decided to create a very disturbing rumor involving their acquaintances or 3. It's not a hoax and this is a clue uncovered by internet autists because the perp never expected anyone would discover the origin of the picture.

(dramatic) Dun dun dun

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"secret supper" club aka spirit cooking and cannibalism

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Of course this is a clue to the network of cannibalism... .. Let Geeta sing to u..

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There was an anonymous claim on one of the chans that David Brock started Pizzagate to get back at Alefantis for something he had a grudge over. It's one more unfounded, unsupported theory to add to the pile, but if true it would suggest that there are people in that group who would have fun screwing with us like this.

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So brock hacked his emails and started pizzagate? It was started from hash verified emails.....

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My thoughts:

Option A) It's a complete hoax made by some crazed dickhead for the lolz who wants to fuck with the pizzagate community.

Option B) the video is a hoax "officially" put out to lead people into thinking any drop involving HRC and Huma will be fake fake fake!

Option C) the video is real, but it doesn't involve Huma as originally indicated, but it instead involves this Geeta woman (and possibly still involves HRC). Geeta appears to run in the same circles as Huma, HRC, Podesta, etc,. To tie it together: the "press" photoshoot could likely be them saying 'HA HA HA IN YOUR FACE WE'RE SATANIC FUCKS AND YOU WILL NEVER GET US' and was quite possibly taken before the satanic act allegedly in the video.

So it's quite possible to still be a HRC video, but it might not involve Huma. Or it's a hoax by either a larper or by the Deep State.

My money is on it being an HRC video involving Geeta instead of Huma.

Just some thoughts anyhow.

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Looking at the glass half full won't get anyone anywhere. NOTHING is a coincidence, everything happens for a reason. Someone knew, someone would find that original picture. Just because it was not Huma behind that mask, does not mean there's NOT a video out there, or that she's cleared of being a sicko. I don't think it's disinfo, I think it's a bread crumb trail. It may not even be for US, someone may have stashed a tape or a copy somewhere for someone to pick up to leak to the public. This is how underground people work. It may not make sense to you, but other people , its pure messages, codes, dates, information. Maybe Geeta has another copy or someone she knows does? Maybe Geeta is the one who recorded it or someone she knows does, maybe Geeta was there? Or just maybe someone at that supper club knows more than what their suppose to know. Regardless it's a message. Its not ok to take a breath now. I mean come on http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/03/09/AR2010030900651.html Located in Washington, Underground Supper Club, exclusive invitations??

Her post from Facebook " Just found red chili powder in my hair. For a moment, mistook it for blood, then it looked like a vermillion blessing from a Hindu god telling me to go forth and spice the world! #Hushhazards" Blood?? It's a vegetarian underground resturant... why would she even think of blood?? Maybe, just maybe this was on purpose to lead a trail to another pedovore culprit.

Believe it or not, there are people out there that are in to deep into this pedophilia/pedovore/pizzagate satanic cult that don't want to do it or be involved in it anymore, maybe they've been sending messages Disinformation... every lie has a bit of truth

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Checked out their website and the original photo is right there. http://www.hushsupperclub.com

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Art is the medium of the intelligent and clever classes-everything else is so boring:)

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Geeta used to work for World Bank. Karen Hudes also worked for World Bank and became a whistleblower exposing their corruption. You can find interviews where she talks about this on Youtube.

I found this segment on an article about her.

The World Bank is already notorious for its wide range of human rights violations, land-grab schemes, environmental destruction and economic attacks on sovereign nations and local communities. Hudes offers some additional details about what she asserts is one single group controlling world financial markets and media. She also offers names of people who were involved in blackmail surrounding a 2007 prostitution scandal. Hudes has been charged by Attorney General Eric Holder with trespassing after being arrested May 13th at an office of the World Bank.> https://www.activistpost.com/2013/06/whistleblower-reveals-world-bank.html

Whoever made the photo and claimed it was Huma picked this Geeta for a reason knowing she was connected to PG players.

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Where the link that shows geeta works for world bank

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Well done, Matt_Helm. Thank you for helping stop the spread of disinfo. I'm flairing this "Important" and stickying it for a bit.

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There probably aren’t many gourmet cannibal chefs out there...

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