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It sure does look like it is to me!

Note the same brand and type of tables, the different shades of the floor, the shadow of the table in the same place, the same exact fussball table in exactly the same spot..

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They probably have to replace the tables often because of how filthy they get

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They probably burn them after a while, but bleach would suffice until that point.

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I can see the line of the black end of the table on the bottom of her shoes, faintly and other weird stuff, like they did a bad photoshop of the girls on the tables.

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Yea those spots are strange. photo comes from sashalord's instagram btw.

Its still up, archive what you can but dont leave comments (for the complete fucking idiots amongst us)


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What is the supposed origin/backstory of the black and white image? I haven't seen it before.

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The black line on the foot is a black line across the wall, itself, that is being projected onto.

This image is definitely at Comet Ping Pong. I'd be surprised if this was either Huma or Hillary, but anthing is possible, I guess.

The question is what is in the bags, if that is a mask at "Hillary's" feet... and, of course, WHY IS THIS IMAGE OF COMET PING PONG BEING PROJECTED ON THE WALL AT COMET PING PONG?

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ok, so this is a photo of, a projection on the wall AT comet pingpong.


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Am I missing something? I see no evidence of crime or that it is for sure HRC and Huma. I’m pretty sure it’s CPP though. Is there a tweet or comment that adds context? Besides the fillet o’face tweet, though?

Still upvoating, because of the good use of cautious optimism.

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Looks nothing like it and its NOT hillary an huma. just some quasi hipster with her "edgy" friend.

I will also say there is a LOT of halfday old accounts spreading this huma/hillary BS.

Curious; your account fits that description too.

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It is exactly the same place. Every time i come across this type of flagrant evidence i am so stunned by how society as a whole denies this scandal with so much fury and blindness.

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The blue fixture in the upper right can be found in CPP photos.

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That can't be Comet Ping Pong. They're running a family friendly environment. /s

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They are friendly for "The Family", it is not the same thing as being family-friendly. Why does JA always say this again and again... it is a very specific threat to anyone who would talk.

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Agreed, and their stupid play on words goes hand-in-hand with their lame symbols.

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Good point! I wonder if they still have the murals of the females wearing antlers and holding severed heads.

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Those paintings were removed after pizzagate broke IIRC.

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I hope so! Images like that just give me warm fuzzy feelings and make me want to bring my little nephew and great grandmother there.

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Nice find! Woman on the left looks remarkably like HRC. (not saying it is her so don't shoot me)

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I was thinking the same thing

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Look at the projection on the right that was posted by sashalordpresents. It appears to be a security camera feed. Why would customers want to see security camera footage? Not very interesting.

But maybe its always displayed so as to appear normal. Maybe its real purpose is for those times when there's a private party in the back and the participants need to be able to keep an eye on anyone who might be heading back there.

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