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That is odd. Here's a little more info on her death: https://www.facebook.com/vocarealabama/ There's a mention of it in the first post.

If I remember right, by law there has to be a death notice/obituary for creditor notification. Like you, I couldn't find an obit. If it bugs you enough, you can probably request the police record of the accident. If she was killed to shut her up, then I would look for details such as excessive rate of speed immediately prior to crash, etc.

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There a post on this in voat conspiracy before, there was a 4chan 8chan link titled pedophile foundation found, i never got to see it. I think was maybe a post on Liddle Kidz Global Outreach India? A user shadow332 did a post and there was a tweet http://i.imgs.fyi/img/2ox6.jpg ? https://kek.gg/i/4sJ7g7.png ? something about a Childrens Massage Therapist ... the post was kind of weird and should have rang alarm bells. Something else about a Qanon link to Standard Hotel/West Hollywood and Adam Schiff, the one dumping LOTS of ACID down the outside drain? Also there was a Chicago and Disney connection, some party and a Rockefeller property sold in Black Forest. More connections to Hawaii, Vancouver, Haiti and Ghana connections. Also there was some 'whore church' boston underground film festival and operations in Singapore and India? Also some singer or song writer or 'Arts Council' in Hollyweird https://steemit.com/pizzagate/@sandywhitewater/international-foundation-allows-adults-to-get-handsy-with-world-s-most-vulnerable-children a steemit post on it

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Have not figures out what this means yet or how she connects but I found the Massage Today Tina Allen in the link you gave
http://www.massagetoday.com/mpacms/mt/article.php?id=14431 Its for autistic children Maybe this is what Taylor Webster was doing in India @SoldierofLight

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I remember most of those posts, but I didn't realize they were all connected to Liddle Kidz. I tried finding the original 4chan post but no luck.

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Hi @MiikoKiiko, thank you for this post. Please review our rules in the sidebar - each post needs at least one link, and each claim you make needs to be backed up with a link as well.

Could you please links to the body of your post - about HRC's trip to India, the Liddle Kidz Foundation (you might want to add a link to their website, or to an old Voat thread about them), the post by Ms. Hopkins Webster, the orbituary by Liddle Kidz, a link to the VOCARE post, Ms. Hopkins Webster's FB.

This way, people will be able to look into it easily.

Thank you.

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Sorry about that!

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Never mind, @MiikoKiiko. Thank you for adding the links, I will remove the flair now. :-)

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http://www.wtvm.com/story/37719320/auburn-woman-dies-following-collision-in-opelika Another passenger in the car was airlifted to hospital.

https://www.massagebook.com/Opelika~Massage~taylor-hopkins This looks like her Massage Bus. since her picture matches the one in the FB page listed by @SoldierofLight

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Taylor Webster, 25, was pronounced dead at the scene at 6:40 p.m. The accident happened in the 3400 block of West Point Parkway at around 5:47 p.m. Webster died instantly from multiple blunt force injuries.

I have no first responder experience, so I might be way off base here but if she died instantly at 5:47 pm, assuming first responders go there within 20 minutes or less, why did it take almost an hour to pronounce her as deceased?

Anyone out there fluent in Cabal Gematria? Do the numbers they reported in this story have any dark significance?

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Ooh, you are so smart. That time line is just 7 minutes short of an hour. You are so right. Something does not add up.

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good job finding that - It didn't show up in my searches!

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http://www.al.com/news/index.ssf/2018/03/25-year-old_woman_killed_in_he.html Harris said neither Webster nor the other driver were wearing seatbelts. Sorry can't believe that a woman that worked with children and gave relaxing massages and was so very involved with her church would drive unbelted. The LE Officer and Coroner need to be looked at. This sounds like another Sheriff Barney and Allman (Coroner) set up. If this is what it seems like to us, then they picked this place for a reason. Auburn. Hmm. Does that name not ring a bell?

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Not too tech smart but I am tenacious.

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I found some info on my life https://www.mylife.com/taylor-hopkins/e79593907119792 AND https://www.mylife.com/cynthia-witt/ckhllc

They are both listed as living in Opelika and the Taylor Hopins in the lst link is listed as 25 yrs. old. That's it so far, but I am sure these apply since the person in the accident report is also from Opelika, Al.

I am wondering if this might have a Monica Peterson relation to it. Possibly she found about some nefarious things like Monica did. Just a thought. @SoldierofLight

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Carmencita Me, too - it reminds me of Monica Petersen. Even with post about it on the Liddle Kidz FB page, I think there's only 2 comments. She had a lot of pictures of India on her FB page, so it's weird that no one has anything to say, and that there would be no "news" articles about her. I came upon this by accident today.

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She belonged to a Lutheran Church in Opelika maybe there will be some other articles others come up with. We have some pretty tenacious and smart people on here. I will see what else I can find.

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What town in Al. would be helpful. I don't Fakebook.

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Opelika Al. See my recent comment.

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OK. Auburn suburbs basically. Used to be a great place to send the kids until Birmingham and Atlanta swelled. Could be her. Taylor Hopkins Massage Therapist in Opelika, AL Taylor Hopkins in Opelika, ... Auburn University Swimming & Diving Program-Licensed ... Taylor asked what was bothering me and listened carefully very carefully to ... Search domain www.massagebook.comhttps://www.massagebook.com/Opelika~Massage~taylor-hopkins

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Excellent post! Great research and connections everyone.

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Liddle Kidz is part of a "touch" cult that exists on a spectrum in a lot of groups, like Osho's "people." Some touchie cults are just touching, though plenty escalate from there.

In order to get seemingly legitimate credentials, friends of Liddle Kidz funded fake certification agencies that seem real. A certification in "child massage" is a bogus certificate.

They also rent out conference rooms and whatnot at hospitals to make it seem like the hospital is sanctioning "child massage", even though it has no idea... it's just renting out a room. This is to appear legitimate.

Kevin Reynolds is affiliated with both Liddle Kidz (has a certificate) and the Clintons. easthamptonbabysitters.com

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AKSAYA PATRA and their Corporate Partners https://www.foodforeducation.org/about-us/partnerships These could be looked into since BC visited there. Some are Toms Shoes CAT (Caterpillar) Murthy Law (I remember reading something about them before)

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Gururaj Deshpande is also a Life Member of the MIT Corporation, the Board of Trustees of MIT. We now know that as pedo-central satan college. This cat was born rich from his daddy's gubmint job in India, learnt some, and then turned into a gates/zuckerberg character. He stole the innovations of these bright young minds and put them to use with $$$ from? Appointed by Obama to the Co-Chairmanship of the National Advisory Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, a group established to support the US President's innovation strategy. That would explain the Tejas group which was not listed because he is busy ripping off his own people. Another limousine liberal at your disservice.

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Ta da! Another Rabbit Hole. This is so never ending. Do you think that since this Tina Allen was with Massage Today, that Taylor Webster was probably doing massages for children in India? She had a massage business as well in Opelika.

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