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This is one huge aspect that is easily proven yet roundly dismissed by many, and that is the connection of foreign aid and charities in the pizzagate investigation. From the UN Peacekeepers being exposed for rape and trafficking of children to Oxfam being exposed for the same, even Ben Swann did a video on how aid work is a huge cover for these villains.

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CPS, NGO, Peace Corps, USAID, OXFAM, Red Cross, Foster/Adoption services, diaster relief organizations. They are ALL pedophile havens.

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The rise in global human sex trafficking is mirrored by the rise of NGO's and Charity Organizations designed to prevent global human sex trafficking.

It's obvious what is going on. These are the infrastructure and money laundering devices of global human sex trafficking.

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It's always these guys working in charities with kids that are the pedos. Disgusting.

Glad he was caught.

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UN Advisor - no way he would be let in if he was clean!

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annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd he's a jew Peter John Dalglish. He is friends with Canada's Justin Trudeau. oy to the vey

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Trudeau Foundation logo is a copy of the one featured on Besta Pizza......and on Jimmy Kimmel's pizza skit (in the background) FBI declassified - triangle swirl.

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@carmencita ^^^4U

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TY..Danglish is best known as the founder of the Street Kids International charity and the Trails Youth Initiative program, one of the worlds largest children’s charities which is now known as the renowned Save the Children charity. He also worked for the United Nations in various capacities during his lengthy career.

All of the charities he worked for must be immediately investigated. How dare they take down the pages pertaining to his time of service. They can do all they want, but those pages can be obtained by LE. Silly, unless they hope that it will be covered up.

Also, there seems to be conflicting info regarding the sex of the two children, even intimating there could be 2 of each sex. If 2 of each sex he could be saving two for himself and the others will be trafficked, that is sickening I know, but they are sick. This is scary because of Trudeau, he may just try to keep a lid on this. Hopefully there are some honest Officers left in Canada.

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"Do what I say kid or we will starve your entire village to death".

I hope they hang that fucker by his balls with piano wire.

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Do you think they can drink their own adrenochromed blood? Because that would be a great way to give them a taste of their own medicine.

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He's recipient of the Order of Canada (French: Ordre du Canada) is a Canadian national order, admission into which is the second highest honour for merit in the system of orders, decorations, and medals of Canada. It comes second only to membership in the Order of Merit, which is the personal gift of Canada's monarch.

The monarch, at present Elizabeth II, is Sovereign of the order

I guess the word Queen is reserved for drag queens now!

So yeah, just another of the Queen's medaled pedos, O Canada!

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O Canada! Less then 10 months of the five year sentence for the "high risk sex offender" Swirl Face pedophile? Because he already served time in Thailand for raping boys as young as 9.

So if you see him raping again, just call police!


Yeah, he'll get his passport back soon, no worries, it's up to the other countries to let him in or not. O Canada!

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