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https://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/14/nyregion/david-buckel-dead-fire.html http://archive.is/ini2Z A gay rights lawyer, David Buckel set himself on fire in Prospect Park West a few days ago.

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https://www.lambdalegal.org/in-court/cases/brandon-v-richardson-county This is some info regarding the infamous case of Brandon vs. Richardson County in which he was the lead attorney. A female to male transgender was killed and the 1999 Boys Don't Cry with Hilary Swank playing the lead role is about this case.

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More good stuff. UppaVoat for you.

Interesting that Buckel chose self-immolation. Buddhist monks are known for doing that. With all the talk of the Dalai Lama and buddhists choosing the left-handed path, it could just be what happened or it could be another clue to take a deeper look.

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https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brandon_Teena This happened in Nebraska, the state where Boy's Town was.

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Hey, thanks for this.

Wow! Things really are going fast ... didn't seem that way in the beginning, but it's apparent now ...

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He must've known something and was going to jail soon.

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Yes, but what was he into doing?

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“This is going on everywhere. Down the street, in the rich neighborhood, the poor — whether you’re white, yellow, green, blue. It cuts across different ethnicities, religious backgrounds, economic backgrounds,”

Yes, yes, it's all a rich tapestry

Meanwhile, in the real world, it is a socio-historically undisputed fact that prostitution from its every inception, the "white slave trade", has been predominantly JEWISH. Because whether you wanna accept it or not, not all cultures have precisely the same ethics or willingness to prostitute themselves and others.

Thus for example the Women's Jewish Association's website admits:

The problem of prostitution among Jews began in Eastern European countries and spread throughout most of the world in which trafficking in women existed.

Beginning in 1910, after years of apathy and denial, most important Jewish organizations established committees against “white slavery,” sending representatives to international conferences on the topic. The severity of the situation and the official statistics of Jews involved in criminal activity made it impossible to continue to ignore the issue.

Jewish sex traffickers were prominent in major transit points from Europe to Latin America such as Berlin, London and Hamburg. In the latter, for example, of four hundred and two sex traffickers caught by police in 1912, two hundred and seventy-one were Jewish (Bristow 52–53). Although the facts speak for themselves .....


super long sourced article on the subject quoting mostly Jewish and Israeli scholars old and modern, since Israel is still luring poor young white women to Israel with job offers then burning their passports and locking them in cells concealed in walls


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Ah I see you shills are still running the "it's the jews" gimmick. It's been going on here for a long time, trying to discredit the legit research being done.

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I just posted your own website admitting it is and always HAS BEEN the Jews.

Nice sleeper account btw, sholomo

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What is the only country in the world without a law against slavery? Zwi Migdal started closer to 1860 in Argentina. Cohen was doing his job per tribe. Liebermans/Libermans were damage control and part of the scene. What is the last name of the guys who lure the Ukranian/other girls into the dungeons?

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Look how many jew shills downvoted you. Sad.

Most of the child sex slave trafficking, child porn and pedophilia ---not to even mention all of the Hollywood sexual assaults---, is mostly jewish. It is bizarre why so many of them are degenerates, as we've been witnessing. Maybe its from all of the inbreeding and the mental illnesses that they all posses.

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Let’s strike while the iron his HOT.

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Hopefully, the promised photos/videos will be released.

Keep the momentum going!

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Yes, at the very least this clamor over the photos puts pressure on to release something conclusive.

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https://archive.fo/c17n9 :

Inside New York’s silent sex trafficking epidemic

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Pimping should get life sentences.

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In most cases, these girls/boys are held against their will. It's kidnapping and false imprisonment.

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How do you faggots define sex traffiicking? I don't think any of these bitches was brought agianst their will.

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They were forcibly held as slaves. Bitches? They are kids who r victims if endless rape

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I think it's up to you to define what you consider sex trafficking.

I think we're pretty clear on that subject ... so's the NYPD ... your views, on the other hand, seem a little dicey.