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It's great that you are bringing up the connections between the intelligence services and technology for those who are unaware. I just want to point out that Q is not giving out new information in this regard. Those of us who got our computing degrees in the early days of the internet, knew then the origins of the internet and the surveillance capabilities. When we advised people with webcams when they first started coming out to cover the camera lens when not in use, we were laughed at for being 'conspiracy theorists'. But it was a common practice within academia and those who were actually qualified to know the truth. I'm becoming increasingly convinced that we are only being offered breadcrumbs while Trump engages in his illegal war in the Middle East. Go look up who is on the board of GENIE ENERGY.

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Hey, appreciate your insights. I do disagree, in that, Q is offering us names and specific info and/or topics that our POTUS mentions either the next day or within a few days timeframe. I think the most notable is our POTUS using the phrase ''tippy-top''.


We call it sometimes tippy-top shape.

There can't be any coincidence. It's such an unusual wording to use and no one uses it -- especially not our POTUS.

In terms of this:

I'm becoming increasingly convinced that we are only being offered breadcrumbs while Trump engages in his illegal war in the Middle East.

You're just not getting what was done. To begin with he inherited that war and it's not his. Secondly, he had no choice but to get rid of the warehouses storing chemical weapons. You know, the weapons that The Kenyan assured weren't there? They are there thanks to clowns or rogue CIA agents interference and this is a tactical shutdown of clowns that are enabling this cabal. They enabled/funded the problems with FB, Twitter, Google, etc.

I've had my wake up call as concerns Q and am never turning back on it. Not even with the Stormy Daniels covfefe. I asserted she was working for our POTUS and advancing the plan, but then started to get chest pains when the recent events such as the raiding of Cohen's office took place. But it is part of the plan. I have faith in The Plan. You don't, and I readily accept that and understand why you or anyone else wouldn't.

But it is happening.

Again, thanks for your remarks and support.

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I have no doubt Q has connections to Trump. 'nuff said.

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https://archive.fo/WR2uk :

Praying Medic on Twitter: "76) #Qanon says: Since Clown (CIA) takedown of black_ops loc/public exposure what has changed here? (I'm not sure yet.) Expand your thinking. This is not a game. RED_OCTOBER."

https://archive.fo/4z4Qo :

            Trump signs law to punish websites for sex trafficking | Reuters

https://archive.fo/dRlJM :

Isaac Green on Twitter: "… "

https://archive.fo/15lxN :


https://files.catbox.moe/dobgyl.jpg :

https://archive.fo/6fZAz :

Court Tosses Out Facebook Lawsuit Against Fugitive Paul Ceglia's Lawyers

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As always, thanks derram!