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https://kek.gg/i/4_ZWYs.jpg This may be an image of HRC laying on a tennis table at Comet Ping Pong.

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https://kek.gg/i/4YznSy.png Evidence it may be a projected image or video.

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Not one I have seen before, and sure does look exactly like the crappy wall.

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This is why everyone should be a skeptic of the video actually existing.

You can be certain that if a video really was accessible on the dark web, censored screenshots from it would be posted at the least. There are people on 4chan that use Tor frequently.. they would risk the consequences to post proof of this massive Hillary story.

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Maybe. Clinton's have a long bodycount and enormous assetts in government. This isn't like doxing asshole from a viral video.

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https://kek.gg/i/4xbdsS.png Another possible screenshot from the video before it got deleted on a 4chan thread by the Dutch user.

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Why would they post a screenshot of a blurred frame that could be anything?

It makes no sense. Likely fake.

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https://kek.gg/i/7j2D-c.png Edited version. It looks like a girl with a cap on.

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https://kek.gg/i/7d-WFC.jpg This is the bag on the table. And a pic with HRC carrying it.

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So one of the things that happened as a result of the 2nd Iraq war was the mainstreaming of private intelligence outfits. This combined with shitty network security has led to an explosion of information no longer in state hands.

So now things that were just left in the darkest fringes of counter culture research are being brought to light. There are too many uncontrolled players out there, trying to become the next huge thing;exposing every dirty secret to the public. It is an amazing time to be alive.

So just as things are heating up in Syria, this video begins to circulate. It is a nasty video, because if it is fake it still has to be investigated. It does just enough If it is fake, then it makes the piss dossier look fake too. It can go either way. However i suspect it is real.

The reason for my suspicion is the rise of Deep Fakes a few months ago. It has been stated that this was made public because they fear something big would come out. This appears to be that "something big". The insidious nature of this situation is just appalling. Either the video is real and the deep state is truly compromised, or the video is fake and now the media can no longer count on video evidence.

This is a very powerful "chess fork" that should be taken into deep consideration. We should not just focus on the video, but the source of the video and how it ended up on the deep web.

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^^^^THIS is so important. Thank you so much for mentioning this @senpaithatignoresyou. I knew they were suggesting this, as my personal conversations trying to convince people are leaning towards "oh, everything is fake". This response tends to be from people that are desperate to get "back to sleep". This is the attempt they are going with, particularly if this video is FAKE. If it's real, we got a whole new conversation that can be had with the public, so I'm guessing they are going to flood us with fakes so we can't tell which is real. I still think there is a real one though.

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so I'm guessing they are going to flood us with fakes so we can't tell which is real. I still think there is a real one though.

This is the worst case scenario in my opinion.

Let me rant on the beauty of Donald Trump's "FAKE NEWS". Everyone knew the news was fake. We have known since at least Vietnam, if not before. People do not trust the news. The 2016 made this hit critical mass. They were so wrong about the outcome that they still have not recovered credibility and now everyone is panicking.

So fake videos being leaked by our deep state would be extremely counter productive. They would be fake news, and would erode what little was left in our trust in the media. We could now claim that the same stuff happening in the world is also fake, and we just can't trust our media anymore. This would be devastating.

As such, there is also a lot of incentive to make a fake video like this and make it go mainstream. The million dollar question is why would they pick one that targets comet ping pong and the clintons?

My suspicion is that if it is real or if it is fake, we NEED to know what was on the Weiner laptop. That was a high level congressman, connected directly to the clintons AND Israel, who was caught as a pedo. If the video is fake, then i suspect that the people who made this made it as a multi part campaign to begin leaking anthony weiner stuff.

Pedo Vore has also been brought to light, so something is going on.

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I heard in the video they drink the girl's blood in a satanic ritual to get high with the adrenochrome. Someone on 4chan today was saying that walnuts are adrenal glands and walnut sauce is the drug from it which I believe to be true.

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An adrenal gland looks just like walnuts

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Cheese Pizza is also a real dish

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Ask yourselves, why was Anthony Weiner's trial never made public? Fixers were making it that way so contents of what was on his laptop wouldn't become public. That video was on there. The rumor was that police were throwing up and needed therapy.

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I hate to ask but, has anyone here actually looked at the video?

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Smells like a honey pot to me. I won't be looking for it.

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Listen to this... please.

Do not implicate yourself by downloading child porn by accident. Of course it's like schroedingers cat, but it could be to trap you.

It's always been an interesting topic as well (from a high level) courts handling sexual child abuse have jurors watch it. But then the court system is holding and showing child porn as evidence in trials against defendants. Fucking weird, but that goes hand in hand with capital punishment as well.

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I read on chans it could be illegal to dl the video, I am tempted to install Tor on my phone to look it up. Does anyone at least know the summary of it and where to find the link? I heared it has masked people skinning someone, very weird that this mysterious video is not on the clear web.

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If you're going to do that, don't use your phone. Use a laptop running a live CD of your favorite Linux distro, and hop onto some public WiFi. Also spoof your mac address.

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Apparently file name is Frazzled.Rip

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it COULD be illegal to download child porn

Did you figure that out on your own, paid shill?

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Where is the evidence. Not the video obviously, but legal testimony and NYPD documents detailing the video?

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Hi, is there a connection between Hush Supper Club and marina abramovic? As well as HRC and or Podesta?

I looked into stuff related to this video, saw in a past VOAT post mention of John Legend and Marina Abramovic that mentioned Hush Supper Club, this was 5 months ago, now Hush Supper Club mask-wearing woman is featured in this story?

I couldn't find any connection to Hush Supper Club? Could this be distraction from a legit story? Or is this being used to distract from actual video with a fake video?

Not claiming anything, just asking questions to get more informed, please and thanks.

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@Luxxy: I'm flairing this 'Possible Disinformation' for the time being.

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I doubt 100% we will get any footage/pics of Killary in Comet Pingpong - it would be MSMs Birthday-Christmas&Anniversary all rolled into one to spread that 'pizzagaters' are believing this screenshot came from Comet Pingpong................. Now on Epstein Island, that would be another story - Killary, elite sickos, would never have suspected they would be caught on film so privately tucked away on Little St. James Island with their 'loyal fellow pedovores'. Think about it, they the 'MSM' long to show the world how deluded we are. The 'proof' is never going to come from Comet Pingpong, no matter how much we want it to be true.

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