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TY so much for Archiving this!!

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from the article:

... the live-streaming of children being sexually abused is “on the rise” and putting a dent in the huge global problem is “a daunting task.”

As a result of Project Mercury, the National Crime Agency’s Graham Ellis said U.K. authorities made 79 arrests — including four teachers, a doctor, a member of police staff, a nurse, a priest and a private music tutor.

He said 29 of the perpetrators have so far been convicted and sentenced to a combined 68 1/2 years in prison.

(my emphasis)

29 perps, and when you combine the prison sentences, you'll get 68,5 years?! Are they kidding? Hardly more than 2 years for each of them?!

17 children could be saved - but how many were out there and were raped?

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Glad you are taking a look beyond the headlines. We're being given breadcrumbs.

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CANADA: (16 arrests in six provinces) Toronto – 7 Ottawa – 2 Edmonton – 1 Belleville – 1 Thunder Bay – 1 Quebec – 1 Newfoundland – 1 New Brunswick – 1 Saskatchewan – 1

UNITED STATES: (58 arrests in 23 states) Oregon California Utah Arizona New Mexico Nebraska Oklahoma Texas Missouri Arkansas Louisiana Illinois Michigan Kentucky Tennessee Ohio Georgia Florida New York Pennsylvania Virginia North Carolina Delaware

INTERNATIONAL: (79 arrests in seven countries) United Kingdom Germany Italy France Ireland Denmark Belgium

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