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I will go with what the users want here, as always.

Thanks a ton for hammering out the rules, again, @kevdude. I'm certain your efforts are appreciated by more than just me.

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I'd like to know if you're willing to undo what you did when you released the Krakken, one little push of the button is all it takes to undo that. No shame in admitting that you didn't do any research into why things were the way they were, and why the monster was locked up in the first place, Very. Badly. Done.

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I unbanned a number of users. You are referring to the one mistake out of the bunch. I have already delegated ban reversal to the mod team as a result of that (I was initially keeping it separate while I evaluated things). What you are describing is in their hands. If people can learn to follow rules they have every right to post.

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I know you unbanned more than one user, but I fear you also unbanned an American Krakken. Time will tell if he starts acting out or not, so far so good. I wish you no ill-will but surely you and @heygeorge with his little 'shit-stirring stick' realize the people in this little sub are not here to have fun. I repeat in case george missed it, very. badly. done.