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Pizzagate is real and we have to maintain our integrity. We have enough REAL ammo on these fucks already. Let us not sink Voat into bullshit. We have to protect Voat platform.

I am suggesting that we step back from this obvious bullshit. Backpage.com just got its ass knocked out of orbit and it could happen to Voat. Maybe Backpage needed to be knocked out but thats not my concern or judgement.

Liz Crokin needs to stop peddling bullshit unless she can back it up because she will get us all censored. Liz, I know you read us, clean up your act, because right now, your credibility is in the gap.

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Well, this is rare... something you and I agree on...

There's usually something fun on the way when this happens ;)

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Well, this is rare... something you and I agree on...

There's usually something fun on the way when this happens ;)

True statement right there. Something is on the horizon because I see the pattern and the trend. We will just have to sit back and wait and see what all this brings, but, I agree with you, I think its coming :)

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David Zublick is backing up Liz Crokin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MplPQfhAi9k Everyone is wrong, but you. that kind of mental midget mentality will get you somewhere. Loser!

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Has an image of the Hillary/Huma video leaked


Its all a crock of shit.

Been freely available on the net for days, not buried in the deep dark web.

Some art student made a b grade film.

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Someone's killing themselves laughing somewhere.

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If that is flayed skin where is the nose? Eye opening are too huge. It's just someone wearing a creepy mask. And what is that grid thing? Looks double exposed, not really behind or in front of the person.

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If it's real, it needs to immediately go viral. If there is reasonable doubt, then STFU and work on all the legitimate leads. We are too close to let ourselves get derailed.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MplPQfhAi9k. More folks are saying it's real- not a joke!

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This drivel is making us all look like idiots. Do you have an agenda, OP?

The rest of us are trying to conduct a real investigation here.

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YOUR agenda is to censor and dictate what narrative the PizzaGate investigation goes!!! WE only follow our sources and our leads/ rabbit hole to bread crumbs to bread. In a time of massive web censorship, your words don't reflect a truther, but rather a David Brock Hill-Bot!!!!!!!!! When mod censorship comes, WE actually win! They have to TYPE OUR name @VoatisCIA!!!!!!!! You just don't get how WE are winning here , do you?

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Well, unlike migratorypatterns and her ilk, I’m not a psyop who pretend to cheerfully and uncritically embrace practically everything (while laughing behind our backs). I’m not here to get people all riled up and feeling good. I’m here to get to the truth. It hurts, I know.

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Making them TYPE YOUR name is actually winning? Petty.

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hey @voatiscia, as much as I want this to be true, there is no evidence that it is. going to have to flag this as possible disinfo because, whether you like it or not, it really seems like it is. i am in agreement with @esotericshade on this point.

i'm certainly not saying that there isn't a video out there somewhere of Killary doing monstrous things (I'd wager there is), just that we don't have any evidence to indicate that #frazzledrip (frazzled.rip?) is the real deal. also, i'm definitely not trying to censor you with this flair, just trying to keep this sub's reputation in good standing after this likely turns out to be BS (though i'd HAPPILY eat crow if this does turn out to be true!)

to me, this is like the Fatherhood video all over again (which still to this day we have no proof linking to Podesta outside of the name of "Skippy" being possibly uttered and anons thinking the man kinda possibly sounds like it could be Podesta, albeit with a slightly different accent.)

[–] VoatisCIA [S] 3 points -3 points (+0|-3) ago  (edited ago)

I copy that . Eat crow huh? Ok ! When you get your proof, the shit is real, together with the other mods and doubting Voat posters; make a post explaining how you tagged our post as " disinfo " and were wrong. Plus tag me in that post, signaling OUR vindication! OUR Validation! Plus never flair OUR posts in the future ever again. No deletion of any post in the future. We're ready for you to eat crow. Are you? Now David Zublick is reporting on the video- he too says the shit is real!!! Same with Liz Crokin! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MplPQfhAi9k

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just because some bootube and twatter commentators are mentioning its existence doesn't make it so.

IF this does turn out to be true (and again, i strongly hope it is), i'd gladly tag you with a virtual 'pat on the back,' but to think that it would grant you special v/pizzagate superpowers that exempt you from having to follow the Submission Rules of this sub, you are out of your mind.

further, i don't understand the hysterical nature of your post. you act like i don't want this to be true, which couldn't be further from the truth.

we (the mod team) are doing our best to protect the integrity of this sub, and the spreading of wild, unverified rumors harms the reputation, and influence, of our community.

@think- @vindicator

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If this video really does come out the Powers that be are going to be TAKEN DOWN

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Be very careful and keep the names of the "PG YouTube money grabbers" in the back of your head to make sure you are extra sceptical of this persons in future. Do not let this get to big before it's 100% validated because otherwise they can easily write a hitpiece and mock us.

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It’s fake, yid. We won’t fall for it.

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