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good cop bad cop trolling. Almost too much water under the bridge. You've seen the shit on v/protectvoat Let's help the mods improve their game. Two can play at that game.

This thread isn't about mod bs and censorship it's about BBBS Jewishcare LGBTI pedophilia. This is thread hijacking and I'm friggen sick of it.

We need to have a policy of moderators suggesting edits VIA P'Ms only, and the haggling that way. Let's not have the all user contributions hidden by /v/pizzagatemods spam

Then if the content is deleted, people will only ask WHY and form their own opinions - rather than going along to get along with the cabal that runs this place.

NO scratch PM's as the be all and end all of discussing mod suggested changes - that could be a first approach.. If refuted - ESCALATION.


This REAL bickering should be not done in private but on a thread - but not THE THREAD the moderators want censored.

A NEW /v/pizzagatemods/ thread for discussing the pending censorship action will be created. That would make that sub-verse a shit load more popular and keep the bastards honest (as we say in Australian lingo) The headline of the new v/pizzagatemods post should be the same as the post facing the threat of deletion. This is only done if the OP refutes the request via PM or DOESN'T REPLY WITHIN 24 HOURS (that's what the 24-notice flag is for now)

So make a new flag to say "PEERREVIEW" - and that tells everyone there would be a new thread in /v/pizzagatemods that is a link shared back to the OP where people discuss it - the censorship and vote on weather it should be censored.

Only one link should to the peer review thread can be posted by the OP / others in the OP, or the OP can amend the OP to link to the peer reviewed /v/pizzagatemods thread.

The v/pizzagatemods thread about pending censorship doesn't get deleted if the post gets deleted

The RESULT: The /v/pizzagate stays clean and healthy

  • not infected by the cabal and their trolls thread hijacking, bickering about censorship, trolling attacking the messenger and all other kinds of CO-INTEL-PRO-GAMES - even if we disagree with each-other we sort it out in the RIGHT PLACE - not in the the wrong place. People don't go to v/pizzagate to see people bitching with mods doing censorship. They go there to get informed. The mods still get's to flex their muscle of sorts playing with the flags for the post before the censorship hammer falls.

If users they want to get into the politics of /v/pizzgate - /v/pizzgatemods will be a popular place to see what healthy conflict is making better content on v/pizzagate. Right now v/pizzagatemods is where criticism goes to die, be downvoted, and no moderators respond to anything there.

THIS BRINGS IN DIRECT DEMOCRACY. If the v/pizzagatemods/ pending censorship review thread down-voted into oblivion or breaks even - the post gets deleted. If it is up-voted by more than a 70% threshold - the mod backs off REVIEW OVER - the original poster wins

THIS IS A SERIOUS REQUEST AND IT'S JUSTIFIED. Let's curb this bad behavior mod hijacking of threads I and others I've been copping.

Let's stop the abuse of process, by making a better process. A better democracy and a better future for dying (as it stands) /v/pizzagate


Make it serve the people who are here to read and VOTE. POWER TO THE PEOPLE NOT THE #$@@%SHILLS!

At least you all say I didn't give you a chance before IT'S ON if this thread is deleted.

Any other thoughts? Ah yes with the voting asshattery going on. We might need an non-anonymous voting system with people leaving comments begining with NAY or YAY or something, and the votes be calculated by a bot that parses individual comments from users after 24 hours and generates a text report as the last comment in the thread. We could do it. It isn't hard. Even an awk script could do it.