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makes you wonder if they stole the children in florida and sandy hook

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You're not killing them if their parents think they're already dead. (I want to kill myself after writing that).

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At Sandy Hoax they didn't exist to be taken

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She is a very trustworthy source.

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Yes. For those who don't know her work : MEDIA ON TRIAL - VANESSA BEELEY

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Here is the shameful Heather Nauert of the US State Dept. urging reporters to go watch the White Helmets MOVIE https://youtu.be/1JFPKeta5Tg

A useful infographic on who the White Helmets are connected to: https://youtu.be/XPPfzEnEexk

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This is frightening. We will have to wait for more news coming out. I also suspect they are masquerading as Good Samaritans when in actuality they are not. But this report is scary. I did not see the second video. I am way to visual and will never unsee it.

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It's not too bad carmencita. I put in the warning because I'm visual too and I don't like to see children harmed in any way. What is more important in that clip is what the journalist has to say. You can just listen. The pictures don't last too long either.

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Thank you. Will take a look later. Very busy today. I just sent off those links to Stcharles and I know she will be interested. Am waiting for her feed back.

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WTF Syria, but I suppose in a sad and sick way this should have been expected

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I keep hoping this stuff will get ironed out somehow but it just never gets better. So frustrating when you don't know what to believe anymore. Or Who.

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That made me cringe.

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Yes its disturbing.

Why would their clothes be all ripped up from an invisible gas???

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It is already a shithole so there's that. You are correct though, we would never see ripped clothing from a gas attack, it is merely over dramatizing.

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I had the same reaction. Are there no groups out there on our side? This is very disconcerting.

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We already know that the white hats were trained to put horror movie makeup on the kids to fake an attack. The girl in the back of the van holding the younger child looks just like the girl in the other videos I have seen. She smiles at the camera while they are applying the makeup. If they did make the children disappear, it would be so that there would be no proof of them being perfectly healthy with no scars or respiratory problems. No one died in Doutha.

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I'm sorry, but that looks fake. The little girl lying on the ground looks dead, but then she moves.

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Perhaps the child is trying to pretend to be dead so as not to be taken :-(

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Do you think so? I will have to see it again, but later. There should be questions always regarding this type of video since we have seen how they faked the gas attacks in Syria with the children.

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If you are talking about the video in the topic I examined it andI think it it is very consistent with a real attack/injury, the first victim lying on the ground moved AFTER she was moved by the responder, the chaos and the delirium of the characters is consistent with real trauma I have studied a lot of fake videos, have extensive medical background-its a rather simple short video without enough coverage to say for sure but looks real to me

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Thank you for your input. We need people like you to medically evaluate. If real this is incredibly sad. War torn children will suffer PTSD as do our Vets.

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https://hooktube.com/watch?v=P4bXgQ6FSWo :


https://hooktube.com/watch?v=87SNuJU2cl4 :

UK Column News - 12th April 2018 - YouTube

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