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Thank you for your work. This one makes me so sad. And that pic of her and SS is creepy beyond measure. Can’t belive someone I grew up revering is turning into the truest monster I’ve ever seen. Allegedly.

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I have been so disappointed it doesn't matter anymore. None of them mean anything to me anymore. They all belong in jail or at the end of a noose. It's sad but they don't deserve our adoration anymore. Not when they torture children.

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There is another picture online with a standing Roman Polanski holding both Heather O'Rourke and Drew Barrymore on each hip.

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Upvoat. Thank you for all your hard work and for not letting Heather go without the justice she so deserves. So many of us have been waiting so very long. RIP Heather.

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uuuuuuurrrrrghhhh cry sob. This story was a gamechanger for me: still have trouble sleeping because of it which you know xx

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Excellent work! You did great very easy to follow but I doubt anyone will ever be arrested for her death that's the sad truth.

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don't put that karma out there please. PEOPLE WILL BE ARRESTED AND THATS THE TRUTH.


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Well, I can understand the feeling, but I do trust that something will happen. I can't go through life thinking Heather will never get justice. There are too many people that know. The whispers are getting louder and louder. RIP Heather.

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This is so sickening, that poor child....

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@darkknight111 Amazing post and oh god, that last sentence, I am about to seriously violently puke. THANK YOU for not forgetting this. @carmencita knows how much this story affected me and ever since it popped up on this thread, I suffer panic attacks and keep seeing visions of Heather screaming out for help in a dark room and no one coming to her rescue. I can't explain it: its the one pizzagate story that made me die a little inside forever.

Everytime Heather is mentioned here, I literally BEG the journalists and bloggers/vloggers that WE KNOW stalk us here everyday to blow this cold case wide open. PLEASE someone. Please help Heather.

Cry :(

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I also have had visions when going to bed after reading posts on her. So horrid really. She has a sister. The sister no longer acts. She started out, but did not make it like Heather. I think she was with SS. and now that I am writing, I think she probably quit after Heather's death. They lived right near Disney too. Oh, Dear. :(

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Are not those that were in those shows that were also being taped at the same studio also suspect? Paul Rubens and Alex Trebeck. Some have said that Rubens is gay but as we well know there can be gay pedophiles. Trebeck has been there for decades and still is.

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Rubens is gay

"Best part of an 8 year old girl? Turn her around and it's an 8 year old boy."

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Yes, I have heard this before. It is quite nasty, isn't it. Also there are gay pedophiles that prefer boys and girls. Very sick indeed.

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the pedo hunters are circling Trebeck. He has always screamed creepo pedo to me. He is 77. Heart Attack coming sometime this year, TRUST. They need him and his creepo secrets GONE. @darkknight111 @migratorypatterns @think-

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And before this, I just thought he was a game show host.

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YES! Ever since I read he filmed in the same studio I knew he had to be a part of it. After all, they said others came from elsewhere, so why would he not, being right there. Sickos. The noose is ready.

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I hate the satanists that are everywhere. I believe this story about Heather. The hand symbol in this picture looks to me like, a very uncomfortable child wringing her hands. IMHO

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Vesica Pisces hand signal. More than likely she was instructed to do this. I doubt if it was a fluke.

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