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Sorry for posting here Mod. as my account is new, voat doesnt allowed me to create a new discussion First of all, sorry for my poor english. I am doing my own research on pizzagate connections in Brazil. There is a sick fuck group of art called "Grupo Empreza" that's been around since 90's and is probably financied by our corrupt goverment and big companies and banks. They were together in marina abramovic's presentation. The website http://natocadesign.com.br/na-estrada-marina-abramovic-em-sampa/ is suposed to be a kid's site, here is a brief on what happened in the day that one sick fuck mother took her kids to see marina's group performance: " Max e Leon definiram o espaço como o lugar em que se “podia fazer qualquer coisa com o corpo dele (Maurício), com o seu próprio corpo e com a sala, menos com as paredes!”. Foi ali que eles desenvolveram atividades relacionais intensas, desde papos com o artista e com os visitantes, a divertidas guerras de tinta." Resume: she left her kids alone with marina's group and the kids told her that the activities were intense, and the kids could do everything with the "artist" body..." Very weird. Recently there were almost a civil war between right and left party because of this "art" a naked man with one kid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jm5Kbve-Vi4 . As marina group, this group had also money from left party goverment. I really think its a big world ring.

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you now have enough points to post a submission (thread).

welcome to voat!

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Welcome to the board, @girlinashittycountry! :-)

I think you will soon have 10 CCP - please don't hesitate to make a post. If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact me or @Vindicator anytime.

P.S.: Your English is fine. :-)

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Certainly better than my Portuguese.

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Hang in there. Participate in the comments section. Get some points and POST THIS. I guarantee that it is relevant. I will look into this too. What is happening with the government in Brazil?

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xeU2SEE7JM https://nypost.com/2017/11/11/artist-who-raised-2m-for-arts-institute-cancels-proposal-plans-to-keep-money/ and after making shitty art, marina has taken money from our corrupt goverment, cancelled her project and not giving back money

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Thanks for sharing. Very interesting, and also disconcerting.

and the kids could do everything with the "artist" body..."

Big red flag here....

I first learned about Abramovic's connection to Brazil when reading this submission by @9217:


About the possible influence of shamanism in Brazil on 'Spirit Cooking'. A worthwhile read.

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That was a lot of work! Very nice. Anons on 8chan have been working on the video screen images trying to enhance them. This is what they have so far. http://i.imgs.fyi/img/31n1.jpg

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It was pretty gratifying seeing how useful our research archive was in this case. One thing I learned: cross-posting links to related threads in the comments of strong pieces is really, really important when people come back months later to revisit information. We've got to start doing that more meticulously.

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That’s awesome. Great idea. A lot of things Q is bringing up now go well with both pizzagate and Great Awakening.

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The winners write history.

We are so confident in our victory that we will start now. :)

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IS there any way to get @Pizzagatebot back? or is anyone else good at that kind of thing (coding) to recreate the bot? It was so useful.

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What the hell is going on on screen 14? Is someone sitting on something or someone? Or something worse

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I think it looks like a kid crouching too 😢

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Well, it looks like it was intentionally blurred out, but the enhanced outline looks like a kid crouching: http://i.imgs.fyi/img/31n1.jpg

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Is there a place to look at more of the enhanced images? I have heard there are a lot more dining rooms and I can see what the others see with these lines.

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Yeah I saw your post about that -- added it as a comment to my thread. Would have edited the main post but...upvote bug. :-(

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I don’t blame you lol. That bug is driving me crazy too

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Here is a list of people Rachel Chandler was following on Instagram.


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Awesome, thanks for adding that. Each of these threads is like a time capsule. Everything relevant we can crosspost into them will make them all the more valuable to researchers or law enforcement who might come digging at a later date.

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Very nice summary. Sometimes it's hard to see the forest for the trees here, and if you don't keep up you're left behind. I'm here a lot of late and still didn't know most of it.


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Look at Instagram: bbiankaa She is close friends with Walter Pearce and Ray Chandler, works with Midlands Agency. This girl’s pics are extremely disturbing scroll down gets worse as u go.

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Please read this post about 'The Temple of Psychick Youth' (TOPY), it was featured on Walter Pearce's Instagram. (Walter Pearce runs the model agency together with Rachel Chandler.)


They run a dark left-hand path, like Luciferians. Someone should go down and check this rabbit hole. Please dig.

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thank you vindicator

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You're welcome, kazza. This damn post took me two straight days to put together and source. I think I read 24 straight hours of 8chan. Arrrrgh!

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Great recap, Vindicator! Ha! "Once again Voat/Pizzagaters have been way ahead on the research." And that's all I am going to say. ; )

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I know...wasn't that great?

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