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The TL:DR for the non-autistic:

Facebook [already] performs datamining of a profile and can ascertain vital demographics about your health, race, poltical leanings, published illnesses and injuries.

Facebook intended to sell, or did sell, the data collected to Stanford Medical and American College of Cariologists. [That's what is known]

Freddy Abnousi headed the project for Facebook.

Abnousi's wife is a woman named Celina Yong.

Celina Yong is a member of New American(s) which is a Soros-funded project.

Genetic selection for ___________ purposes.

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Creepy any way you cut it.

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Fuck facebook. Thank you younger guys for keeping up with our world. Thank you for keeping us informed.

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You're Welcome.

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“Facebook was intending to match it up with user data it had collected, and help the hospitals figure out which patients might need special care or treatment”

Holy Crap. The implications of this is just staggering. I deleted my FB a while ago but seriously want to reopen it to post this and warn everyone to get the fuck out of there! Like yesterday.

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Yes, that is the one line that elicited panic. I mean, WHAT?

Just WHAT?

WTH is Zuckerface? It seems that this was part of an agenda. Perhaps the stealing of the program was because he saw it as the vehicle to put in place all these other add-ons. Zucker has got to be a puppet carrying out a Soros' global agenda. Nothing else makes any sense.

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Definitely. I’ve just opened a random FB page and posted the hell out of it with caps and exclamations (even more than a Carm at her most excited!). I’ve begged everyone to get the hell out - now! Have to say, there’s always been something about Fuckerberg that’s creeped me. His sterile stare, obvious lack of proper social skills and overly stretched smooth skin reminds me of that android who got SA citizenship. He’s like a robot. (And that wouldn’t surprise me either!). Was talking about this harvesting stuff last night and a friend tells me that a dating site here called ‘Grinder’ has also sold on data but included those who had disclosed their HIV status and they’re now being bombarded with calls from ‘specialist insurers’. It’s getting out of control - very fast.

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Was this the plan when FB first launched...? Or has it turned into this monster?

Remember, Fuckerberg pretty much launched it as a dating site! As an off shoot from Myspace and the website 'Hot Or Not'....


and WHAT do the Winklevoss brothers https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winklevoss_twins know about all this? (Remember, they were the ones who created it: Fuckerberg STOLE it from them.)

@carmencita @think- @DerivaUK @Blacksmith21

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Yeah that may sound nicely nice on the surface, but even if it's true do we really need Facebook (and hospitals) treating us like we are little children? If I as an adult need care, I will seek it out myself! I don't need to be monitored and told what to do for my health! This is just another Intrusion into our lives. Their goal is ultimate control of us all

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I hope people open their minds and realize the agenda of the people who CONTROL EVERYTHING ABOUT OUR WORLD. This is a frightening development regarding SpyBook. And just what the fuck is Bill Gates, a softwear geek, doing in the business of VACCINES?


HULU > A Quantum Leap Forward in Mind Control

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Wow. That and 5G and we’re all pretty screwed.

Edit: upvoats are not working on this thread

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upvoats are not working because OP edited after posting. In that case the upvoats do not add up. Ongoing problem.

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i know right? bill gates is another billionaire who gives me the creeps!! were you aware that the country of INDIA is (or was, i didn't follow the story that long) suing the gates foundation for children that DIED because of their vaccines?? yeah, it's pure evil.

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https://www.senseavl.com/sensory-integration Sense Therapeutics

Sensory integration is therapeutic approach that addresses imbalances in how we receive and process sensory information from our bodies and the environment. Sensory integration was initially developed in the late 60s and 70s by Jean Ayres, an occupational therapist and psychologist who mainly worked with children who had sensory and developmental difficulties.

Many adults suffer from sensory imbalances too, however, this is rarely addressed in therapy due to the initial focus for research by Jane Ayres being centered around treatment of children. Our fast-paced, competitive and chaotic society has created the perfect recipe for sensory overload, making it difficult for adults and children alike to move through daily life with ease. For this reason, I have developed a unique approach in working with adults who have sensory imbalances.

Sensory integration imbalances arise from the 8 senses, 5 of which we are fairly familiar with -- sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. The other 3 are proprioception, vestibular and interoception, these are defined below.

Proprioception: Ones sense of self and movement, including body position, strength being employed in movement and kinesthetic perception.

Vestibular: Ones sense of balance and spatial orientation.

Interoception: This sense is how our body tells our brain what is going on inside our body. For example, the sensations of being hungry, having butterflies in your stomach and your heart beating fast. This awareness is intimately linked to self-identity, the sense of being "me"

Is This Scaring Anyone Yet? Somehow I don't want FB in any way connected to "My Sens of Being Me".

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Is This Scaring Anyone Yet? Somehow I don't want FB in any way connected to "My Sens of Being Me".


Hell, yes, it's scaring me! This is a reveal of part of the plan for everything being integrated in a way where there's a net thrown over us. They could harvest, cull, decide who was being irrational through social media posts. Example: Jane Doe vents on FB. Zucker's monitors decide that this is abnormal behavior. They call Hospital B and talk to the physician in charge and tell them about Jane Doe's irrational behavior and suggest modifications added to her list of prescription drugs to keep her calmer. Physician agrees and changes prescription to help Jane Doe calm down.

There's so many things wrong with this scenario that I can't properly enumerate them all. FB is social media. So the overview is: A SOCIAL MEDIA COMPANY IS HARVESTING AND SHARING YOUR PERSONAL MEDICAL INFORMATION AND TYING THEM INTO YOUR POSTS!

Holy shit! Things just got real.

God Bless, our POTUS. Pls pray for that man who serves us!

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Everyone Must QUIT FB NOW!!! I have said it before and I will keep saying it. Get Off That Site.

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They could also use that information to find kids not on facebook. Think teen mothers, doctor appointment timelines, and common signs of drug abuse among multitudes of vulnerabilities to exploit. Addresses are usually included.

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suggest modifications added to her list of prescription drugs to keep her calmer

Just because the doctor prescribes it doesn't mean you have to listen to him. NEVER accept a prescription without doing your own research about it and how it might interact with other prescriptions. Do not blindly rely on medical staff. They fuck up every day.

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In need of a vital organ and want it now? With a FaceBook Elite subscription we can find a match within seconds and give you real time updates on location. Happy Hunting!

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In need of a vital organ and want it now? With a FaceBook Elite subscription we can find a match within seconds and give you real time updates on location. Happy Hunting!

UpVoat for making me laugh!

Wonder if they include people on your friend list? Hmmm ... The PERFECT advertisement.

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So Facebook just gets to over ride HIPPA? How does this company get away with so much? It's as if they are allowed to operate the way they do by some higher authority? (((CIA)))

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https://archive.fo/GKO45 :

Tony Safe 🇨🇮 on Twitter: "5:5 = HRC Raw Video Are we about to see the video Q has been referencing? #FingersCrossed #QAnon #TheGreatAwakening #TheStormIsHere #FollowTheWhiteRabbit… t.co/zghOJMTFgx"

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Thanks, derram!

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Could be a way they kidnap children nowadays for their organs.

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People post about their children's hospital/doctor visits all the time. There's no reason they couldn't match up that information also.

So many of my friends on FB have talked about operations, etc. It seemed so innocent. Meanwhile, Zuckerface is collecting and documenting it?

Scary ... creepy ... unethical ... illegal ... and any other word you want to come up with for monstrous.

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people use the 'check in' feature at that particular doctors office/hospital too, making it all the more easier for Fuckerberg to stalk em.

GREAT post, MP! Thanks for the really interesting write up.

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