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[–] Narcissism 11 points -5 points (+6|-11) ago 

Agree, I am coming to the conclusion that Michael Quinn is correct Q Annon is Artificial Intelligence. Its so full of bullshit no human could write that crap.


[–] bb22 3 points 0 points (+3|-3) ago 

You’re going to feel like an idiot in the coming months.


[–] Lordbananafist 5 points -3 points (+2|-5) ago  (edited ago)

let's talk about a number of months. my brief google search indicates that Q started in November 2017. Will another 5 months be enough time to confirm? I'll give Q a whole year to make a big name arrest... that's 7 more months. Do you think 7 is enough?

edit: ok downvoats... 16 months. That's a full year from now...