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Hits for Stafford

Hits for Societies

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Thank you, @darkknight111. I'll throw in more research topics:

  • Marina Abramovic / Spirit Cooking
  • Podesta Art
  • Art showing Satanic and/or MK Ultra symbols/topics
  • Pizzagate in the fashion industry
  • Music industry
  • British child rape gangs
  • British elites

(might edit and add some more later)

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Great thread darkknight. It would be easier to read if you added aheader to each of your handy search links so people can easily see what might be missing. 👍🙄

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Let's not forget the Anan brothers and DWS!

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Also I would like to remind everyone that there were NO 'known pedophile code words' in the original emails and that pizzagate is the result of poor critical thinking.

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Conspiracy theories grow wider not deeper.

I come back to this sub every once in a while and I'm not surprised at all that this sub has grown way beyond comet pizza, the podestas, and hillary, to the point where they're rarely talked about. A classic hallmark of conspiracy theories is that they don't gather deeper, more specific information but simply grow wider to incorporate more and more superficial evidence about more and more unrelated things.

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So says another shill. Looks like we have another person to out to the public when the hammer drops on the pedo filth.