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Parents sold her into sex slavery... They are part of a pact. The first born child thing is not myth, its real. Why do you think they talk about it so mcuh?

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I've been keeping up with this for a while and have not heard of the first born child thing. Can you elaborate a bit?

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In popular culture or Hollywood, there are terms like...

Sell your soul or You owe in payment your first born child

I don't think they are just sayings, they throw everything in your face so it looks like a joke, it's real and happens though.

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The first born has some sort of power. And it's not just linked to the Bible. All religious communities have placed tremendous importance on the first born child of a pair.

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Poor girl.

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this is interesting ..... amanda bynes and lindsay lohan were frequenting the Standard Hotel .... is this where young celebrities prostitute themselves ?


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I dont think she was made sterile as you seem be implying, its that she cannot in good conscious bring a child into a world with a cabal of jewish pedos that run the media and entertainment industry.

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Or, she has/had an STD which caused her to become infertile or unwilling to pass it on to her offspring.

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A very good point, what with how often rabbis are happy to infect their own babies with herpes, one can only wonder at how often the rest of the synagogue likes to inflict gentiles with as much disease as possible

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That's what I was thinking. STDs are rampant in Hollyweird.

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Sadly highly plausible.

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This seems more accurate.

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They all go crazy. That mother fucking rapist deserves to die, along with her parents who sold her body to get rich.

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If Dan Schneider is ever arrested and taken to court we have evidence of Amanda Bynes making the claim years before that. She was 13 so this was during her hit show "The Amanda Show" that was created by Dan Schneider.

The show was created so the producer could rape kids.

Gentile kids prefered.

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Schneider = German = Land of Marx and Hitler

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he's a goddamn kike, you fucking nigger dick-sucker.

Hitler was trying to save us from them.

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https://snew.github.io/r/Drama/comments/4uy83v/dan_schneider_finally_exposed_for_who_he_really_is/?st=jei14irr&sh=eee7d7df :

Dan Schneider finally Exposed for who he really is! : Drama

https://snew.github.io/r/The_Donald/comments/79yecl/tick_tock_dan_schneider_his_child_victims_are/?st=jei16948&sh=48f2de27 :

TICK TOCK, DAN SCHNEIDER. His child victims are starting to speak out. Someone needs to review these children's contracts to see what sort of legal verbiage may be preventing them from speaking out. : The_Donald

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