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OP - the more I thought about this, the more I think that @kevdude and @Crensch need to be aware that you have given instructions for how to hide illegal content within /v/pizzagate content by using non-functional links. Likely the content will be available on search engine results, regardless of the additional spacing. People will absolutely be able to post illegal content in the verse with this procedure.

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By all means. I consulted with them prior to writing this sticky, but forgot to ping them in the sticky itself.

To be clear, this is not a thread inviting people to post broken links to CP. It is a thread explaining how Voat allows crowdsourced investigation of those who harm kids.

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As per usual, I don't mind being incorrect. I try not pester yon owners too often.

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Sites to report child pornography, trafficking or abuse in Spanish-speaking countries.

Columbia and countries that border Columbia: http://www.teprotejo.org/index.php/denuncia-explotacion-sexual


Spain: https://www.genbeta.com/a-fondo/como-denunciar-a-la-policia-si-encuentro-contenido-pedofilo-en-internet

Citizen awareness in Mexico: http://asi-mexico.org/joomlaspan/index.php%3Foption%3Dcom_content%26view%3Darticle%26id%3D9:linea-de-denuncia%26catid%3D9:intro



Other countries: http://www.protecciononline.com/contactos-de-varios-paises-para-denunciar-delitos-informaticos-y-ciberacoso/


I’m not finding a specific agency, like the FBI, in the USA, for example. I guess my recommendation is to look locally for any local law enforcement or community watch, and just keep that information handy for when the time comes to report anything. Every community should have someone or some group with involvement in protection against this scum.

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thanks for posting this. i do appreciate the clear guide lines.

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How does posting links to CP have anything whatsoever to do with PG? No one has to ever go to CP on the Internet to spread awareness. This is either a really bad idea, or a reasonably well-planned coup to disrupt the PG investigation.

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I share your concern. There has been speculation about the possibility of leaked photos of elites (the fabled weiner laptop, for example). The potential exposure and red pill value of such images, repulsive as they may be, could prove useful.

Otherwise, it seems the actual illegal images are the stuff of law enforcement, right? Perhaps this is just a precaution. I almost lost my cookies when I followed a report to the worldcorpo site. No porn, just that skippy video, but still...

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oftotc, investigating the perpetrators, documenting their financial and social networks and reporting them to authorities has always been an important part of this investigation. Mobilizing social networking of our membership to report CP and child exploitation on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram has also been major for us because it often takes many voices to force hosts to take down these creeps.

Examples in the past 24 hours include:

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No doubt, and keep up the good work. I think that:

Break any link that leads to CP by adding spaces into the url so that users must copy and paste it into their browser

...is a gateway. One could disguise a content distribution network under the guise of "protecting the children", which should be a familiar tactic to anyone studying these topics. Be skeptical of anyone encouraging you to search for data that will expose you and your systems to CP regardless of their publicly stated goals.

People who think this is ok, also be aware that you are enabling the abusers and potentially gestating the next perpetrator. Be careful what you ask for.

EDIT: Added a forgotten "to". It bugged me ;-)

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Related intel: Seems the Q boards found something horrifying that they posted as a tip after I posted a pedowood info dump. Question being how to warn you guys without putting us in danger.

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You can DM me and maybe we can figure something out.

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@Honeybee_ could you possibly add an explanation of how to report illegal content to law enforcement? I know this is something you do quite often and I couldn't find a good thread on it in our archives for some reason. I will edit the body of the sticky to include whatever handy material you've got.

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For sure... I am not in the US, so I am trying to see what is available. Maybe INTERPOL, and some various orgs. There is a ‘catholic’(mostly ex-Catholics) watchdog group that monitors priests and religious schools that are accused, maybe I can roll that i to a post or contribute to a similar post.

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GreenDell, if you could also post it as a Comment in this thread, that would be awesome. I'm trying to organize some of this info we all should know, before the crap hits the fan and this stuff really starts making its way into the public eye. I've added a link to thread to the sidebar and am unstickying it, because we need to have some new stickies. But I will continue to update it as helpful how-to information comes in...as long as I see it. :-)

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Yes ALWAYS REPORT! I don't know how I feel about broken links, I usually will try to include a link to a scamadvisor or whois website, I suggest using links like this but not directly linking to the site, then the responsibility does not lie on the poster or Voat. As for reporting please always report child exploitation and CP.

  1. https://www.ic3.gov

  2. http://www.missingkids.com/gethelpnow/cybertipline

  3. Over Seas https://virtualglobaltaskforce.com/report/

  4. INTERPOL/INHOPE (select country and report) http://www.inhope.org/gns/report-here.aspx

  5. Your local police... if the child in your immediate area or you know where they are CALL POLICE FIRST.

Do not save links or images, you will incriminate yourself and be no help to anyone!