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So when the normies google "pizzagate", top result is a picture of a can of beer, and "nothing to see here". It's all an information war. Well played dear enemy.

But would they dare call their housebrand beer "Pedogate" I wonder?


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Good point!!


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They are throwing it in our face. Our revenge will also be served Cold.


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Wow. I'm absolutely f*king speechless that someone would create a beer called "#pizzagate". I'm going to LIC New York immediately to get this beer in hand and talk to someone.



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This is unreal ! This needs to be reposted to gain more attention with an easier to understand title . I about fell down when I saw this ! Roberts's ? Pretty balzy !


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What are you going to do? Shake the hands of the maker? I trust no one But God, and truly Satan needs to be stoned. They would want the negative attraction, it's an adrenalin rush. Like how they drink the blood of baby's, when adrenalin gose throughout the babies body. Makes you younger, tallest that's what the tree of knowledge says. Thanks to the Prince of air, Blair.


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Not a chance! You understand it Robertas Pizza right, this is nuts!


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And once I get the beer, I'm throwing it in Daniel Accosta's face.


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@vindicator you need to see this!


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@Theytookoutgodslaw: Interesting content, but I am afraid it needs some editing.

Since both the headline and the body of the post need to be edited, I am going to delete the post, and would like to ask you to edit and repost, or repost unedited to v/pizzagatewhatever.

1) Headline: What does 'Satan's whispering echos into other minds' mean?

Please use a more concise title that adequately describes the content of the post.

Rule 3: Clarity: All titles must adequately describe post content

2) 'The design is not original, the X with in the points is from witchcraft and warlock books calling up demons.'

Please add a source for this claim. You might want to add pics.

Rule 2: Empiricism: EACH factual claim that is not common knowledge must be sourced with a link.

3) 'Temple as in the temple of Jupiter that the Roman king of Egypt worshiped, and allowed 70 Jewish rabbits to add God's laws, that those 70 rabbits corrupted and knew Belair, the Prince of air will put false things in your head.'

Please provide evidence that the name 'Temple Brewing' refers to the specific temple you mention. Did the company mention a Bible verse on their website? If you should refer to Bible verses in the future, please say which specific verse you mean.

4) 'A whole bunch of innuendos.'

Needs to be spelled out.

5) 'the description screams "what is Bad is Good & what is Good is Bad".'

Needs to be spelled out.

Please note that the video on the website was added by the blogger, not by the Brewery.

6) 'https://www.pyramidbrew.com Blizzards Basketball Edition has the famous cabal tree 666.'

What is the connection between www.pyramidbrew.com and the 'Basketball Edition' of the Blizzard Brewery?

Pyramidbrew had a Basketball Edition at some point, but the label didn't show a tree of life (or I have missed it).

Also, it is not shown on the website you linked. I found it elsewhere on the internet.

If there should have been a Basketball Edition by the Blizzard Brewery, and it had a 'tree of life' symbol - is that what you meant by 'the famous cabal tree 666'? - on the label, please add a jpg with a pic.

7) Illuminati Brewery: You might want to add a link to their Facebook as well, which shows their symbol. (This is merely a suggestion.)

8) 'I have been to Seattle, it's the old version of dc underground. Now you have people with signs that say in big letters, "free blow job". They also have pizza pedo bands, like heavy breathing. Tattoo designs with pizza and the one eye, you'll come across one person out of 1000 in the state of WA.'

Please describe what you mean in a more concise way.

'Tattoo designs with pizza and the one eye, you'll come across one person out of 1000 in the state of WA.'

If this is your impression, please add that it is (only) your impression, otherwise readers will think it is a fact.

Thank you.


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Praise The Lord of Lords, The King of Kings, for His mission! Believers who establish regular pray, establishing regularly charity, and establishing regularly deeds of righteousness and good. The Judge will reward with gardens where rivers flow beneath, and big houses from the there to the heavens, and trees with fruits; bowing down to you, so you can pick it's fruit. No more sin, no more anxiety, no more pos that will get their justice in the he'll fire.