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Excerpt from McGowan's book regarding the possible cult connection to the killings:

"Many have theorized that the Ku Klux Klan, as well as the CIA and the FBI, were involved in the killings. FBI documents purportedly reveal that a Klansman named Charles Sanders confessed to involvement in many of the killings as a way to incite a race war. While inflaming racial tensions may well have been a goal of the killings, however, it seems unlikely that that was the primary motivation. Another motive was identified by a witness named Shirley McGill, whose story was made public by Roy Innis, head of the Congress of Racial Equality, which had assisted in an independent investigation into the murders. McGill, a Miami cocktail waitress, claimed that the murders were perpetrated by a cult involved in drug trafficking, child pornography, and Satanism. The cult, she said, was composed of members in both Georgia and Florida. One of the leaders was her part-time lover, Vietnam veteran Parnell Traham. She claimed that she had witnessed both animal and human sacrifices and she spoke of “business murders” that the cult had committed. Wayne Williams was identi- fied as a member of the cult whom she had seen filming rituals, but not directly participating in the ritual homicides. McGill claimed to be a bookkeeper for the cult’s drug trafficking operations, which involved purchasing used cars in Miami, packing them with drugs, and then delivering them to Atlanta and Houston. She also said that the ring had police protection and that at least one funeral home was complicit in disposing of bodies. CORE’s Innis delivered this story to the press in April 1981 and he was, not surprisingly, greeted with skepticism and derision. With its witness under attack, CORE commissioned a battery of tests to gauge her veracity. McGill passed two polygraph examinations, repeated her story under hypnosis, and was declared sane by examining psychiatrists. She was also able to lead investigators to remote sites that had clearly been used for the performance of rituals."

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Every PG investigator should check out this book. Any of this guys work is PG related.

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Thanks so much for this addition. I also thought the secondary thesis about the CDC possibly finding a way to covertly test AID as a "cultural" weapon was also a curious direction. I know a lot of people don't support the QAnon posts, but I think this is what was said

D’s can’t lose control over the black population. At some point the great awakening will occur whereby these false local / national black leaders are corrupt and paid off to help keep the black pop poor and in need. D’s formed the confederate states against freeing slaves. D’s formed the KKK. HRC’s mentor is who? What happens if the truth about Haiti is released? Do D’s lose majority of the vote? Through the looking glass. They rely on the MSM to keep the narrative going but tech is entrenching on their controls. They missed this in 2016 and desperately attempting to censor now due to CIA cash infusions. This will fail.

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IMO, David McGowan's book "Programmed to Kill: The Politics of Serial Murder" is a super important resource on this topic. He has a whole chapter on the Atlanta child killings in that book...

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So many inconsistencies and straight malarkey in the cases of most serial killers. Almost always government/military/police connections. Always evidence of other participants, and a railroad defense at trial. Definition for "serial killer" sensational media fodder in the form of an MKULTRA patsy. "Serial murders": satanic ritual sacrifice killing spree.

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I'm glad you found it. I recall watching this one nearer the time of its original upload, but it's no longer on YT, along with some on Ted Bundy, the Ken & Barbie Killers (who may have been involved with others in producing and selling snuff videos of their victims - I wonder if that would be considered PG related?) and Charlie Hebdo.

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So much is related to PG it's kind of ridiculous. I do think that is possibly what QAnon seems to be suggesting.

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He did not do it. He was set up. I forget where I read a report on it, but it sure looks like he was set up. I remember seeing a special on CNN years ago on this. They sent him to jail to cover for the Missing Children. Atlanta is a Huge Hub and lots of Black Children go missing there. Why do you think EJ and hubby live there. It is sad to think that family members could be involved in such heinous acts on their own children or relatives. But if you are Sick, You Are Sick. Yes, I agree there is something Evil going on down there. R Kelley had a mansion down there and was charged with keeping girls against their will. That is what their parents believed. There are some crazy laws down there too. It is another Satanic Cesspool.

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Read Maury Terry's The Ultimate Evil. Terry was an investigative reporter looking into Son of Sam. Several people across the country he was set up to interview were murdered prior to the interview, and Terry was ultimately scared off the project. His take? Son of Sam killings (not just Berkowitz) was linked to satanism was linked to Atlanta Child Murders. Seriously worth a read.

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PS: Lizette Folger has ties to James Alefantis

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So I am reading about The Ultimate Evil and it mentions the Manson Murders and one of the victims was Abigail Folger, aunt of Lizette Folger and they are both of the Folger Coffee Family. I found this info and think it is very interesting since Terry claims there are links from these murders to the Cult Ring. I do too. I have felt that for a while, more recently more so. Here is a thread discussing this https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1524518 Here is some of it: So an aunt of Izette, Abigail Folger, was a Tate murder victim. A. Folger donated money to the Height-Ashbury clinic which is credited with distributing psychadelic during San Francisco's "Summer of Love". She was an acquaintance of Manson who is exposed as a MKUltra asset in many documents online. There are many conspiracy theories about Manson that paint more of a CIA op than a murder conspiracy. But that's old news. Izette best friend is Carol Joynt. Carol's claim to fame is that she and Charlie Rose won the national Emmy Award for "Best Interview" for a one-hour prison interview with Charles Manson. PLEASE Read there is more. I don't know if Tate is still alive but I feel there really is something to this theory of there being MKUltra involved. I found this comment amazing:

The link is that both of their fathers, Tate and folger worked for naval intelligence. They had ties to the presidio in SF as they had both worked there. This to me ties possibly with the Laurel Canyon theories of Abel Danger that many of the stars were kids of naval intelligence and army brats so to speak. I am really buzzed right now.

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I will for sure take a look. Thank you. This does not surprise me. Unfortunately, not much does anymore.

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During the year those events took place, I was baffeed to find most people didn't think he did the killings, and neither did I. He just didn't have that look I associate with mass murderers: John Wayne Gacy, Richard Ramirez etc.

You have my attention.


Well shit the bed, someone asked the right fucking question...

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Short answer: no, it was the KKK et al



Neither Williams nor anyone else was ever tried for the murder of the boy, later identified as Curtis Walker, aged 13, whose body was dumped into Atlanta's South River in 1981. This was the same case which would lead to the stakeouts of Atlanta bridges by the Atlanta Police Department and the FBI that resulted in Williams becoming a suspect in May 1981 and his apprehension in the following month.[13] Williams is serving his sentence at Telfair State Prison.[citation needed]


Williams maintained his innocence from the beginning, and claimed that Atlanta officials covered up evidence of KKK involvement in the killings to avoid a race war in the city. His lawyers have charged that the conviction was a "profound miscarriage of justice" that has kept an innocent man incarcerated for a majority of his adult life and allowed the real killers to go free.[14] In contrast, Joseph Drolet, who prosecuted Williams at trial, has stood by Williams' convictions, noting that after Williams was arrested, "the murders stopped and there has been nothing since."[15]

Other observers have criticized the thoroughness of the investigation, and the validity of its conclusions.[16][17] The author James Baldwin, in his essay The Evidence of Things Not Seen (1985), raised questions about Williams' guilt. Members of his community and several of the victims' parents did not believe that Williams, the son of two professional teachers, could have killed so many.[18] On May 6, 2005, DeKalb County Police Chief Louis Graham ordered the reopening of the murder cases of four boys killed in that county between February and May 1981 that had been attributed to Williams.[18][19] The announcement was welcomed by relatives of some victims, who said they believe the wrong man was blamed for many of the murders.[20]

Graham, an assistant police chief in neighboring Fulton County at the time of the murders, said his decision to reopen the cases was driven solely by his belief in Williams' innocence. Former DeKalb County Sheriff Sidney Dorsey, who was an Atlanta homicide detective at the time, also said he believed Williams was wrongly blamed for the murders. "If they arrested a white guy," he said, "there would have been riots across the U.S."[21][22][23][24] Fulton County authorities have not reopened any of the cases under their jurisdiction, however.[18]

According to an August 2005 report, Charles T. Sanders, a white supremacist affiliated with the KKK—and an early suspect in the murders—once praised the crimes in secretly recorded conversations. Although Sanders did not claim responsibility for any of the deaths, he told an informant for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation in the 1981 recording that the killer had "wiped out a thousand future generations of niggers."[25] Police dropped the probe into possible Klan involvement when Sanders and two of his brothers passed lie detector tests. The case was once again closed on July 21, 2006. [26] [27]

Former FBI profiler John E. Douglas wrote in his book Mindhunter that, in his opinion, "forensic and behavioral evidence points conclusively to Wayne Williams as the killer of eleven young men in Atlanta." He added, however, that he believed there was "no strong evidence linking him to all or even most of the deaths and disappearances of children in that city between 1979 and 1981."[28]

DNA testing was performed in 2010 on scalp hairs found on the body of 11-year-old victim Patrick Baltazar. While the results were not firmly conclusive, the FBI's DNA laboratory listed odds of 130-to-1 against the hairs coming from any person other than Williams. The Baltazar case was included among ten additional victims presented to the jury at Williams' trial, although he was never charged in any of those cases. Dog hairs also found on Baltazar's body were tested in 2007 by the genetics laboratory at the University of California, Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, which found a 99 percent probability that the DNA sequence came from the Williams family's German shepherd. However, the director of the laboratory, Elizabeth Wictum, pointed out that while the results were "fairly significant", they were by no means conclusive. Only mitochondrial DNA was tested which, unlike nuclear DNA, cannot be shown to be unique to one dog. This means that while the report said the hairs on the bodies contained the same DNA sequence as Williams' dog, the same DNA sequence occurs in about 1 in 100 dogs.[29] The FBI report stated only that "Wayne Williams cannot be excluded" as a suspect in the case.[30]

A Department of Justice study, released in April 2015, concluded that numerous hair analyses conducted by FBI examiners during the 1980s and '90s "may have failed to meet professional standards". Defense attorney Lynn Whatley immediately announced that the report would form the basis for a new appeal; but prosecutors responded that hair evidence played only a minor role in Williams' conviction.[31]

Atlanta murders of 1979–81

The Atlanta murders of 1979–1981, sometimes called the Atlanta Child Murders (although several of the purported victims were adults), were a series of murders committed in the American city of Atlanta, Georgia, from the middle of 1979 until May 1981. Over the two-year period, at least 28 children, adolescents and adults were killed. Wayne Williams, an Atlanta native who was 23 years old at the time of the last murder, was arrested for and convicted of two of the adult murders, and sentenced to two consecutive life terms. Police subsequently have attributed a number of the child murders to Williams and closed the cases, although he has not been tried or convicted in any of those cases.

The murders

In the middle of 1979, Edward Hope Smith, also known as "Teddy," and Alfred Evans, also known as "Q," both aged 14, disappeared four days apart. (Terry Pue, who later went missing in early 1981, lived in the same apartment as Smith.) Their bodies were both found on July 28 in a wooded area, Edward with a .22 calibre gunshot wound in his upper back. They were believed to be the first victims of the putative "Atlanta Child Killer".


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ppp2, you're awesome! I'll put more time into this after I wake up.

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Ironically, my gut told me Wayne Williams was not responsible (not innocent, but not responsible), but I had the nagging feeling that OJ was hella-guilty of something. I just wasn't sure what.

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https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=4mXbj_wMmpA :

Programmed To Kill/Satanic Cover-Up Part 2 (Jeffrey Dahmer & Wayne Williams) - YouTube

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