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I wonder why they keep bringing up CPPP. I would think they would never mention it, hear/see/speak no evil.

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To bring the crazy narrative back to the people who actually believe it is debunked. That is their base, and their last hope. PG is also the achilles heel that will bring them all down. That has them sleepless.

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The Big Lie

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She actually called out Pedophile Jack Dorsey for advice lol

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I used to like her about 3 or 4 years ago. She is Going Downhill Fast.

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That's for sure .. there are more tweets between them I'm trying to read them .. people are jumping in calling her out etc

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Everyone is a nutcase but not them... Before the blame was on Alex Jones, they can't even keep up with their lies anymore.

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https://tweetsave.com/joanwalsh/status/963923513319989253 :

Joan Walsh on Twitter: "Wow, Pizzagate villains @JackPosobiec and @Cernovich are targeting me. They're super stupid, but slightly scary, since they inspired someone with a gun to shoot up Comet Ping Pong. Advice @jack @TwitterSupport?… t.co/YiZXkqrRjV"

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She calls him a " Pizzagate Villain " this is a perfect chance to get in and show her followers just how real pizzagate is

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”Smash Racism DC” could be where Walsh got the idea. This reply to her tweet provides a link to an event protest FB page, circling back to that same idea of linking Cernovich to the Comet Ping Pong “shooter.”

Lacy MacAuley - I’ve been targeted by him too for being antifascist. Just remind yourself that their people are gullible and don’t care for facts.

Also, come and cover our protest of the Feb 24 event Posobiec and Mike Cernovich will be present for:

A Fight for Freedom: No Racist, Sexist Fascists in DC! | (Facebook) Public · Hosted by Smash Racism DC.

Excerpts from the “Smash Racism DC” FB page:

The fascists will descend upon Washington DC the evening of Saturday, February 24, for an evening of sipping fine wine and expensive delicacies. They’re calling their fancy event “A Night for Freedom.” We are not fooled.

This fascist event is organized by Mike Cernovich, who once tweeted “date rape does not exist.” Cernovich was himself accused of rape, and likes to describe his own very rapey behavior. He was given a seven-figure settlement in a divorce, allowing him a lot of time to tweet pro-Trump propaganda and accuse everyone he disagrees with of pedophilia. Cernovich was one of the lead promoters of the “pizzagate” conspiracy theory, which led a man to walk into Comet Ping-Pong with a gun and shoot the place up, all based on the lies Cernovich had spread. Cernovich also participated in the gamergate harassment of women attempting to address sexism in video games. He bullies. He’s anti-trans and anti-immigrant. He tweets that his semen has mystical powers. He’s a terrible person.

Here’s another reply to Walsh, not related to CPP, but worth sharing:

Luke Arsenal - Pizzagate hasn't actually been debunked Joan. More evidence appears each month to show its actually possible that elitists are raping kids. Like, who would have thought noble Oxfam would cover up how theyre own aids raped the very children they were supposed to be helping?

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Maybe we can get more attention to the personal social connection between the shooter and Alefantis. I know I saw that here recently. Was that confirmed or debunked? Could make a nice tweet bomb.

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I haven't looked at that relationship in months , but I never saw anything that debunked it . Remember the connection that shooter had with acting , and his father had some suspicious stuff as well . I have to dig that up .

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This might be the one you're thinking of:

[IMPORTANT] Ex Shareblue employee claims on 4chan that James Alefantis was friends with Comet Ping Pong shooter Edgar Welch. (i.magaimg.net) | submitted 2 months ago by @icuntstopswearing

From the link: Alefantis was friends with the guy who shot up the place through some lady Lisa who owns this art thing. ...

Here's another: Potential Lead Archived The Lyon Sisters Child Murders, James Alefantis and the Welch Connection (pizzagate) | submitted 7 months ago by @RoadRunner1

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Right. But i saw a post this month, I think. It connected Alefantis and Welsh as old buddies. Funny that never came out during the shooting event's news frenzy. Hmmmm.

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