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"Let's face it, he's never going to come to trial. For every doctor the prosecution produced to say he was fit to stand trial his defence would produce two to say he had dementia."

I wonder how many of our politicians are setting themselves up for this kind of defense?


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Surprised there aren't more members of the community commenting on this.

Idols... Dangerous.


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22 accusations and 22 acquittals for Janner... That's beyond the pale, beyond reason.


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It's tied into the war machine...

Lord Janner, Hampstead, Arms Dealers, Zionism & Barbara Kahan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlvCikgu57Y


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https://archive.fo/nYPeo :

Lord Janner wrote to Michael Jackson after he was cleared of sex abuse | Daily Mail Online

'Suspected paedophile Lord Janner wrote to Michael Jackson congratulating him on being cleared of child sex charges, it emerged yesterday. '

'Janner sent the pop star the letter congratulating him a month after his acquittal in 2005 and spoke warmly about their meetings. ', "Michael Jackson was hounded for much of his life over these allegations and was then found not guilty. 'No one should congratulate Michael on being cleared let alone a QC and peer."

'The Labour peer, who has avoided prosecution over 22 child abuse allegations, sent the letter shortly after the singer was cleared by an American jury of molesting a 13-year-old cancer survivor. '

'Using personalised House of Lords paper, he wrote: ‘I was so very pleased at the news of your acquittal. '

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