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California is so bad. Spread it far and wide brothers and sisters. Yes this information is hard to hear, many of us feel isolated among our friends, but it is because we love humanity that we continue. This research brings light into the shadows. These crimes will be harder to commit on an intelligent populace. One day those who choose remain in the dark will be faced with reality. They will be scared, and angry, like us. We will be there to explain with empathy, we gain new comrades every day just from revealing TRUTH.

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Hi thank you so much I didn't see this till just now. Thank have a blessed day!

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" it is because we love humanity that we continue..."

Word. This is something important to remember. Don't let the trills or racist comments get you down, folks. The satanists wont win, and innocence will be protected.

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Yes it is, they even are reducing sentences for (((some))) sex offenders serving sentences. LIKE WTF?

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Thanks for posting. Upvoat! People need to know they are abusing the Disabled. These children not only have it tough enough with their disability, they now have to be preyed upon by this Sick Pedo Scumbags. So Sick :(

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Rose is currently on paid administrative leave pending further investigation. I Understand why they are doing that. They have to assume he is innocent until proven guilty and that is their policy, paid leave. I believe that if proven guilty, they should drain his bank acct. or take back his paid leave amt., unless there are dependents. This should be a requirement.

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The worst of the worst, raping disabled kids what a creep.

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They are partnering with Children's Charities of all kinds. Epilepsy is one. There are others as well. It makes me sick. I just told my friend about how they are taking them over and they are also sexually abusing the children. She said she does not want to hear about it anymore. She said, I know that is your project, but I just don't want to hear it. She is partnering with the Homeless. I told her I think that is wonderful that she is doing that. I think she thinks my project is going nowhere. When she gives someone a toothbrush and toothpaste, and a towel she sees progress. It is very frustrating to hear this. She has no idea that so many homeless kids are sex trafficked and abused or Ritually Killed :(

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It's very hard when others don't listen. I have broken down numerous times looking at this stuff. You guys are all I have left to talk to pretty much. I try to share everything anyway on fb, but I am shadow banned. Twitter won't even let me have an account, I am probably better off not anyways.

I know there is a case in Florida. A disabled childrens hospital was doing this. During the Finders earlier days. I don't recall the name,

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Chin up people. We are not alone. The victims aren't either. I agree that we need a victory. Take time, as often as possible tor reflect on the victories you have seen. @Gothamgirl

  1. This has been exposed. The fact that we are speaking about it is somewhat miraculous.

  2. These criminals are getting nabbed in increasing numbers and in fields long ignored.

  3. Society is waking up in waves. The tide is going in and out, and with each low tide more Weinsteins and other degenerate whales are getting beached.

  4. Victims all over are gaining a voice.

  5. We were supposed to be censored and forgotten. We r still here. The truth cannot be stopped when its time has come.

  6. Our numbers have grown, especially in ways that you wont see on voat. All of the youtubers are getting more views than what is revealed, tweet storms are popping off every day. There should be stickers, billboards, graffiti and signs appearing everywhere. Sometimes I feel like there are thousands of lurkers reading every comment and clicking every link. Before I joined and started writing, you two were like superstars in my imagination, with your courageous comments and insight.

Dont be too hard on those that arent hearing it. They arent ready yet. We were like them before October 2016. Soon they will be.

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It makes me wonder about mind control. Is this story even real. Wow. Deaf Kids. That breaks my heart. Another SPECIAL SCHOOL . Why isn't he fired ? How does the school.for the deaf get away with keeping paying a person whom law enforcement are currently staging a social media campaign looking for further victims into the past of 30 years.. Is that considered ACTION (?) anyway? What the...right? What does keeping paying him say about the school and it's parents.

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Its just protocol until he's convicted.

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Ok. Just sounds so wrong that he still be paid. While a hodgepodge online community tries to spread his image around. Has to look at his face? If it's not a psychological op then it's just like one.