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One other point: I don't want to sound elitist or anything, but the McMartin case is one of the very few cases where we actually have a highly-trained mental health professional (Dr. Summit) who has spent decades studying child sexual abuse, who did actually spend extensive time with the parents and children allegedly victimized by this cult (and not just the one woman who initially came out with the allegations either). Especially for a forum like this, isn't it worth it to at least hear out what he has to say?...


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The publication in this obscure journal ("Journal of Psychohistory") doesn't exactly lead me to think he's some paragon in the field. Do you have a source showing he spoke to the kids? How do you explain one of the kids sending an apology to the LA Times years later? Those kids felt pressured into saying they were abused. That's why the jury acquitted when they saw video of the interview process. The kids made up completely fantastical and ridiculous stories to please the detectives.


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Please at least take the time to read the article (I know it is long), or at least read this:


At least one child had a voice in the archaeological project. Time was running out before the bulldozers would obliterate the site and there seemed to be no trace of the children’s secret room. Joanie (11) 12 years old, was visiting her old preschool with her mother. Dr. Stickel asked her,”Can you tell us where it was that you entered the tunnels and which way you turned?” Joanie gave a meticulous description of every step along the way. Starting from the parents’ dig in the northeast corner of classroom #3, she described being lifted down a hole, turning right, going straight past the roots that brushed your face, turning right again where you were hurried through the long tunnel. “I liked to stop where the pipe was and swing on it. There was a little boy who couldn’t reach the pipe, and sometimes I’d lift him up so he could touch it. But right after that you had to duck down so you wouldn’t hit your head on the cement, then you had to run again to get to the secret room.”

Part of the course Joanie described corresponded to twin anomalies which had been detected earlier by ground penetrating radar. Corresponding openings had been cut in the concrete (Unit 1, classroom 3 and Unit 2, classroom 4, see Figure 1) but nothing unusual had been found. Encouraged now by Joanie’s explicit directions, the archaeologist extended the dimensions of the Unit 1 dig and discovered an interface of contrasting soil. The concrete cutout had matched the side walls of the tunnel so perfectly that the earlier dig had passed right through the filled-in tunnel without ever distinguishing its margins. Now that the profile of contrasting soil was defined the tunnel could be reopened with precision. It proceeded westward beneath a cast iron waste pipe, just as Joanie had described, and then passed under the deep concrete foundation of the wall separating classrooms #3 and #4. At the point where the tunnel passed under the foundation, and only at that point, the concrete had been arched upward and worn smooth, in contrast to the adjacent ragged contours and texture assumed by concrete poured into an earthbottomed trench. Under the classroom to the west the tunnel proceeded into a wide, room-like potential space of contrasting earth fill bearing remnants of timber, plywood and tar paper which appeared to have shored up the ceiling of a “secret” room. All this had been implied for years by numerous children and anticipated on the spot by Joanie.


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Well he definitely is a real Professor of Psychiatry, and clearly from the article he spent extensive time with a number of the alleged McMartin victims, as well as bear witness to the details of the archeological dig beneath the school (REALLY worth noting that according to Dr. Summit, the approximate layout of the tunnel system beneath the school, as described by a girl claiming to be a victim BEFORE the dig, apparently matched up almost exactly with the actually layout of the tunnel system that was discovered by Dr. Gary Stickel during his dig beneath the school.) Also the Journal of Psychohistory is definitely not mainstream, but it is published by Psychohistorian LLoyd DeMause. DeMause is an interesting resource himself, he has studied and written about cult abuse quite a bit, and is a believer. Just posted an article by him that I think is worth reading.