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@twistedmac11 did you see this comment by @dragonkiller? roflmao...

Hardly anybody is going to do this publicly and then @crensch can declare his fake victory and refuse to leave.

I guess since we are already in the firing squad line as dragonkiller put it we may as well technically say "number 4" and see if @crensch counts our votes. @polwarrior30 @letsdothis1 @disappointed (if he cares)

Then we can see if crensch brings in the alts to rig it like he does the votes in the mod sub. @dragonkiller made a damn good point too. Nobody is willing to do this publicly because it is like giving these narcissists a list of people to harass. Just another reason hardly anybody is speaking.

We can watch for our amusement until the end and see how crensch justifies ignoring us all again, shake our head at the "rules discussion" and know that nothing will change, again....

We need to find a place to go and get the fuck out of here. These people are probably getting paid or work for intel anyway to screw up this place. I don't know where but its over due. This might be enough of this shit show for me for a while I think.

There are places we can go because I have seen them but I don't know if I want to screw with setting one up. I would like to totally get away from the voat voting system all together if I actually go to the trouble of setting up something.

I noticed that several people are missing in the last couple of weeks did they go to another place or just say fuck it?