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Since we all have to read and see so much horror on here many times a day, I wanted to post this link https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/963144920176517120 It Will Warm Your Heart. I Promise

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Wait , I just realized you posted a twitter link ! Does this mean you have twitter now? ( not that I'm all pro twitter) it just helps for our research purposes etc .. 🙂

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No, I am on the fence, about that. While I think Twitter, YT and FB have been hijacked, if people refuse to give up their accounts then I say use them to help our cause! No I do not have an account. I do not have the others either, nor cable. <3

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Awe 🤗 So precious

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My Valentine's day to all my voaters! <3

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Elena of Avalor | Disney Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia disney.wikia.com/wiki/Elena_of_Avalor Elena of Avalor is an animated television series that premiered on July 22, 2016 on Disney


The Jaquins are magical flying creatures that appear in the Disney Channel series Elena of Avalor. They are a cross between a jaguar and a macaw and are known as the guardians of Avalor sworn to protect the kingdom from dark forces that would threaten it. Due to Shuriki's invasion, they were reluctant to trust foreigners such as Sofia until Elena was restored to power.

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Cricket cell phone stores make their employees wear a green t shirt with the heart within a heart. Randall Lynn Stephenson (born April 22, 1960) is an American telecommunications executive. He is the current chairman, chief executive officer and President of AT&T Inc. since May 9, 2007. He simultaneously serves in a voluntary position as President of the Boy Scouts of America.

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So I saw this episode a couple months ago (have a 3 y/o don't judge) and noticed the symbol and found it odd. What else you have to understand is the context of the story in the episode as well. This guy is the chief Jaquin (elected official) he holds a ceremony to determine which adult Jaquin will become the next to hold a position and train the next crop of young Jaquins. The story line along with the symbol add a new layer of strangeness. It could just be a coincidence but nothing is done accidentally.

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Interesting. No doubt there are parallels to that in real life. It seems quite certain that one needs to be a pedo to make it to the top, and raping children functions as an initiation ritual for attaining such positions of power. I'm sure there was great significance for flashing that symbol in that particular context in the cartoon since, I assume, the symbols don't appear most of the time.

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I had no idea about pedo swirls... They are all in naruto. But I don't know why sneaking these symbols into cartoons or series changes the meaning of the show. Sometimes a swirl is a swirl and sometimes a triangle is just a triangle.

Strange, I cannot paste a link. Ddg.gg search naruto swirl.

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Who's the artist? I bet they're jewish.

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"Elena of Avalor" (the cartoon in question) creator: Craig Gerber, JEW, very creepy looking guy, obviously constantly surrounded by kids and adolescents

Production company responsible for the show is Disney Television Animation, created in 1984, following the arrival of new Disney CEO Michael Eisner, a JEW. Disney Television Animation is run by Eric Coleman, a very probable JEW, seeing that Coleman is a common anglicized name among jews (from Kalman, Kohlmann or Kuhlmann, usually). Coleman also has that specific jew look. Very creepy sodomite pedo eyes on this fellow. You start spotting this stuff after a while.

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Excellent. Thanks for the info. I believe there to be something to this pattern that keeps emerging.

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Is this from one of Disney's TV shows or something?

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Oh no, everything with triangles on it is a pedophile symbol!!!! /s

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