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Nancy Schaeffer and her husband lost their lives trying to tell whoever would listen about the terrible injustices committed by CPS also known as Child Welfare. Here is who was responsible according to Sen. Nancy https://medicalkidnap.com/2015/04/27/senator-nancy-schaefer-did-her-fight-against-cps-corruption-cost-her-life/ Mrs. Schaefer states that the financial motive for the State to legally kidnap children was put in place in 1974 by Walter MONDALE with the “Adoption and Safe Families Act.” This was later expanded by President Bill CLINTON in 1997 with The Adoption and Safe Families Act that gave states cash bonuses for every child adopted out of foster care. (Editor’s note: Bill CLINTON signed this bill into law, but the bill was passed by the Republican-led House and Senate led by Newt GINGRICH , so it was a bi-partisan effort initiated by a Republican majority in Congress.) In this segment, Mrs. Schaefer talks about how States have a “base formula” regarding how much each child is worth in terms of collecting federal funding, and how they can increase that formula to get all the federal funding that is available. If they get close to the end of the year and they have not collected all the funds available for that State, there is more incentive to put more children into foster care. I HOPE you take a look at this article, there is a VIDEO of Sen. Nancy as well.

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Thank you ♡

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Glorious! May it see some Film Festival love... (from one documentary filmmaker to another).

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Documentaries are critical in this cause.

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An interesting title for the documentary. Kids Inc was also a show in the 80's with many alleged ties to abuse of child actors. Here's the relevant CD&N blind- http://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2017/11/todays-blind-items-child-porn-and-drugs.html (more references to Kids Inc in the comments)

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I remember it well, I used to watch it every day. Showing my age.

Thank you for the link, I'll check it out now ♡

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Np, happy to spread CD&N around :D

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CDAN is my new secret addiction!!

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Mellisa!!!!! you shine very bright! your integrity is paramount, thanks for being real!!!

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I'm very excited to see the completed form.

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