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Maybe we should start a similar collection for the UK.

There's a radio interview with Ken Livingstone, former Mayor of London, where he said that MI5 run a child rape blackmail scheme at the Kincora Boys Home in Ireland, in order to try blackmailing Irish Politicians.

There was at least one post about this here on the sub, and the radio interview can still be found on YT somewhere. Maybe we should save it.

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I can organize it by country if I get all the names. We can make a huge organized list

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This is a stupendous idea!

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Wow, @gamepwn, that would be great! Much appreciated!!

I try to keep it in the back of my mind, and will get back to you whenever I remember something or read something that would be useful for this list.

Maybe others here could do the same. This could be a great resource for reference and redpilling!

Maybe some people might object that the 'ex' FBI and CIA people are not legit, or not fully legit (which might be true - Ted Gunderson f.i. certainly was a kind of limited hangout and conveyed false information). Robert Steele isn't an ex spook imo, but still a spook. Etc.

Still, I feel they should be on this list at present just to get an overview.

@srayzie @Carmencita @Factfinder2 @SoldierofLIght @letsdothis1

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Here's the Ken Livingstone post by @matheasysolutions:


I remember I looked for the audio at the time, and it was behind a paywall. It was on the homepage of the radio station that aired the interview. That was the reason OP didn't link to it directly.

Copying his comment from the thread:

Important Notes on the Audio Clip:

The audio was from November 2012 during in his radio talk with David Mellor on the LBC "The Whole Show".

Ken Livingstone needs to be ordered to court ASAP to elaborate on his comments!

Also, Bill Maloney confronted him over what he has done/not done to stop elite pedo abuse: https://youtu.be/1l2oTdLg9UUYouTubeYouTube

And here is the transcript of Ken Livingstone's quote:

I was racing in parliament against Mrs Thatcher the Kincora Boys Home where boys were being abused and MI5 was filming it because they were hoping to be able to blackmail senior politicians in Northern Ireland.

They were hoping to catch one of Ian Paisley's MP's - and they never did - and give themselves some leverage. The truth is there's been an awful lot of covering up of paedophiles and paedophile rings for decades and decades.

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Thanks for the ping.

Michael Shrimpton.


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Best idea for a thread I have seen in a long time. I will try to think of some others. After we compile a good list and make damn sure we verify it all it will make good cannon projectiles for social media.

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Thanks! I'm welcoming all researchers. We need to wake this world up.

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I did as many as I could think of and added the little MSM coverage we got, if there is more just let me know and I'll add them.

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DHS released an official video last year, a video telling people to keep their eyes open in regards to human trafficking. The venues featured in the video are an Asian nail salon, and surprisingly, a pizza place with the very same pedo-symbols as Bestas Pizza. This was slightly after Pizzagate's popularity exploded. Why would DHS advertise Pizza Places being potential human-trafficking spots if it was simply an internet conspiracy?

I don't have the link but I'm sure someone here does.

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That video had a pizza parlor with a spiral pedo symbol in the window, only noticeable for a second. Wink. Wink.

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Actually I think that video was fake, someone made it look to be made by DHS, but couldn't find any evidecebit actually was made by them. Still whoever made it, even if not DHS, it makes it even more genius that they pinned it on DHS.

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It's not fake? I saw it on their website

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Can't imagine it being fake - I watched it directly on their website.

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Great thread gamepwn. I'm going to flair and sticky it. Hopefully folks will add a whole bunch of goodies.

Can you edit anything good from Comments into the body of the post? Thanks!

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Thanks Vindicator! That's the plan :)

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Nice work!

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Thanks! It's all out there for everyone to see that people have come forward. We just have to put it together for them to see it.

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A good alternative video for Nancy Schaeffer was the summary by Reality Calls


mostly because her voice is impossibly hot

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I added it under my link!

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Patience be with us. Freemasonry is Satanism. We have to stop using money. Love you. Good luck.

Pride is retardation. Humans do not have the impossible magic they want to think they have. Free-will is actually divining and we only can be motivated by panic and rage because crazy angels got us to believe in evil.


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I like your comment about money. It’s really just an imaginary point system that helps us separate ourselves from each other. We compete for resources that are actually plentiful, instead of cooperating and assisting each other as a human family. The universe has a constant never-ending flow of positive energy. Flowers grow, birds survive. None of these are anxious about money or storing up resources for the future or acquiring material possessions. A bear has no use for money. Ants can cooperate and survive, spectacularly, with tools, even herding caterpillars for ‘milk’. An anthropologist will tell you that it is quite obvious that early modern humans (like us physically, but before civilization) only spent about 14 hours a week to maintain their existence. Making their tools, maintains there homes, hunting and gathering and EVERYTHING necessary only added up to 14 hours. Science speculates that the rest of their time was spent in religious, artistic or philosophical pursuits.

I don’t know about you, but I work 40+ hours a week, and ON TOP OF THAT I have to maintain my home, and I have to gather my food and wash my clothes and commute to and from work and I have to continue to advance my skills to maintain my ability to provide for my family...

Competition (money) sucks. Cooperation was paradise.

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Wow my friend! I've never heard it put that way before! Couldn't of said it better that's for sure 🙂

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patience be with us. we were made nuts by crazy angels that discovered all the other angels could be controlled if they thought evil was real, so they taught everyone humans had a magic power that made them exempt from the parameter of fate that rules everything else in the universe. Freedom is mechanically impossible while we think we make choices. #itsdivining

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You’re an ant. Many grasshoppers will always depend on you, no matter the system.

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How about

Michale Flynn Sr and Jr

Sr being former National Security Adviser

Jr being former Aide to Trump, transition team

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