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"Houdini said Hollywood was his favorite place. The nine or so months that he stayed here may have been the happiest time of his life.The house at 2435 Laurel Canyon Blvd. was built on solid rock and the hills around it were honeycombed with caves, some natural, some man-made. There was an elevator which took passengers down through the solid rock to a tunnel that went under Laurel Canyon Boulevard and came up in the gatehouse of the Walker mansion.

Interesting. Id read about this vaguely but couldn't find much. Thanks.


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It's interesting that there's a rumor of a tunnel at Houdini's NY home, known as 278 from the address:

"I then learned that a pub once sat on the corner, and neighborhood lore says that Houdini had a tunnel running from his house to the pub. Not sure I buy the tunnel story (sounds suspiciously like Laurel Canyon), but it was cool to learn there was a pub here in Houdini's day."

(There's a photo of a workroom, with two secretaries typing letters and someone else cataloging his library, says they were always busy. That seems strange to me, don't know.)

Here's the same author on HH's Laurel Canyon home:

Claims HH rented a guest house with elevator and tunnel to a mansion across the street, so many thought the mansion was his. Confirms existence of lots of 'caves' (perhaps alcoves) and tunnels. Claims the Rubin home is actually not this place.