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Eyes Wide Shut and the Global Pedo Ring

Also interesting is when they pass the Magic Circle game box.

This game is actually produced by the Magic Circle club in England, who had a couple of members kill themselves recently. I think Prince Charles is a member of the inner circle that accepts only 300 members.


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MoneyLaw could be the new Magic Circle

The term ‘Magic Circle’ was coined by the then-dominant The Lawyer Magazine in the late 90s when Tony Blair was in charge of the country, Britpop ruled the airwaves and junior lawyer pay in the City was generous but not entirely out of kilter with legal aid, medicine or journalism.


Beneath the murky world of human trafficking, a tangled web of PR and lobbying firms ranging from Washington DC to London

Bahamas Tourism Ministry TV Ad Attempts to "Normalize" Child Sex Trafficking, Featuring Illusionist David Copperfield | He is a Resident and Owns Musha Cay Resort | Named in Epstein Document


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There's the Magic Circle magicians club, the term Magic Circle as some sort of term describing law or economics in the UK in the 90's, and a Magic Circle pedophile ring in Scotland, not necessarily the same.