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Allegations that Mulholland's work with the CIA involved more than just writing a sleight-of-hand manual:

"As note previously, the May 5, 1955 memorandum from the appendix of the 1977 Senate hearings on MK/Ultra included some of the goals of the program(s). Stage magician John Mulholland was hired to come up with ways to surreptitiously slip someone a drug or other substance in drinks or via a needle [1].

In deposition of John W. Gittinger, Dr. Robert S. Goodenow was said to be a paid consultant. Belief is he that worked with John Mulholland to create a pin-prick device to induce diseases covertly. See also the book in related note 1 above which shows includes sketches of such devices."


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Definately implies a sort of psychopathy. I kind of wonder where this dude was in his head. Many accounts are, of course, glossing over his complicity as a matter of american patriotism against communism, but we all know that , while true to a slight degree, these men had MUCH more on their mind than just simple political ideologies. It has been described that Mulholland was VERY close to Harry Houdini and even served as his secretary in the last years of his life. If any of the stories about Harry's LA home are true, in which they are, Mr. Mulholland was DEEPLY into the occult. Not the fluffy hippie kind either.