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Hmmm what's the one thing all of them have in common hmmmm

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"Those who say they are Jews and are not but are of the Synagogue of Satan."


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Its the same thing/same people


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They're all Rothschild Khazarian Mafia? BIG difference from them being ALL JEWS you moron. Go do some research instead of lingering here with your pecker in your hand and a finger up your nose.


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You know, I've tried to spell it out several times to you lazy fuckers that like to sit there and judge without taking that extra step but I'll take just this one more chance. See, Hitler was a fucking khazarian occultist and zionist that is PART OF A CULT THAT HAS MELDED WITHIN JUDAISM AND CLAIMS IT AS THEIR OWN WHILE EVEN JEWS OF THE LAND OF ISRAEL DO NOT RECOGNIZE. THEY ARE OCCULTISTS THAT BELIEVE IN THE OLDEN GODS AND GODESSES OF BABYLON AND SUMARIA, THE NEPHILIM AND ANNUNAKI. They are the Sanhedrin and the Pharisees of Jesus time. Hitler was only eliminating those jews that did not want anything to do with ZIONISM because that is what BOTH WORLD WARS WERE ABOUT.

See, if you start LUMPING ALL JEWS TOGETHER AGAIN, we will have a another tragedy on parallel WITH THE HOLOCAUST, BECAUSE FUCKTWITS LIKE YOU DON'T DO ENOUGH RESEARCH TO UNDERSTAND THAT NOT ONLY JEWS WERE MURDERED IN THE HOLOCAUST, BLACKS, HOMOSEXUALS AND CHRISTIANS, CROSSDRESSERS, THE POOR AND HOMELESS and anyone else that got in the New World Order Plans got stomped on, and this time IT MEANS YOU TOO. You are opening the door to your own death because of your hypocrisy.

The con is obviously bigger than your little pea brain can comprehend. UNDERSTANDING THE NWO STRATEGY



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Pointing out a pattern is scientific. You can ignore it and try and hide it for your brethren all you want to. jew.