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One key aspect of Mulhollands work was the clandestine and slight of hand delivery of illicit substances ranging anywhere from LSD to poison, this just happens to be the same Modus Operandi of another very influential countercultural goup called The Merry Pranksters, a eclectic band of wandering 'hippies' that spurned generations of 'alternative thinkers' into the American lexicon, headed by "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" author Ken Kesey, who's notorious method of dosing strangers with massive amounts of LSD without their knowledge became standard practice. Here we have a direct antecedent to that practice with John Mulholland, a CIA operative. This only lends much more credibility to the work of Dave McGowan and his great work "WEIRD SCENES INSIDE THE CANYON LAUREL CANYON, COVERT OPS &THE DARK HEART OF THE HIPPIE DREAM"]( that contends MOST of the 'great' and 'legendary' rock performers of the day were simply nothing more than military/CIA assets meant to steer the direction of public dissent away from matters of political importance (It was Jim Morrison's father who was captain of the ship responsible for starting the Vietnam War in the Gulf of Tonkin), a practice much used today in areas near and dear to us hear at Pizzagate, considering James Alefantis and other characters like the Maccoby's Antifa stances and art protests.

From there we wander into the darker and more clandestine operations of the head of the CIA’s technical services division Sidney Gottlieb, who worked with transplanted Paperclip Nazi's at efforts to continue and expand experiments in mind control conducted by Nazi doctors in the concentration camps during WWII.

Gottlieb, Lashbrook and the tragedy of Frank Olson is where the rumor came from about the dangers of LSD making you "jump out of a window thinking you can fly" after Gottliebs many failed experiments at clandestine dosing. George White, another infamous agent among the CIA, set up clandestine two way mirror hotel rooms in NYC and later in San Francisco (reminiscent of Roy Cohn's operations) where thousands of unwitting participants, usually street people, homeless, johns and prostitutes were unwittingly experimented on with unknown substances and let off into the night with their own device and mental illness.


Harvard university was one of the institutions that received some of Gottliebs Mk-Ultra grant money and experimentation.

In 1943, Dr. Henry Alexander Murray was commissioned by OSS boss, U.S. Major General William “Wild Bill” Donovan (Phi Kappa Psi, Catholic Knight of Malta)(Fuck You Bobby Weir!), to help complete an infamous “Analysis of the Personality of Adolph Hitler.” The groundbreaking study was the pioneer of Offender profiling and political psychology, today commonly used by many countries as part of assessing international relations. Dr. John W. Gittinger’s CIA Personality Assessment System (PAS) expanded and refined Dr. Murray’s models in the selection, recruitment, assessment, training and hiring of CIA agents, clandestine operatives, and government department heads.

Psychologist Dr. Henry Alexander Murray (May 13, 1893 – June 23, 1988) of Harvard University was the CIA’s preeminent elder statesman. During World War II, he left Harvard as the director of the Harvard Psychological Clinic to join the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) as a lieutenant colonel. For Allied Forces, particular America and Britain, Dr. Murray developed special psychological assessment tests to recruit and select secret agents. He joined with the Schools and Training Branch of the OSS to write an entire book about the recruitment of special agents called Assessment of Men. The title was later changed to Selection of Personnel for Clandestine Operations: Assessment of Men.

*“Murray was indeed a Cold War warrior—not, perhaps, as prominent a player as some, but a player nonetheless. He received steady funding from the Rockefeller Foundation, which had served as cover for his trip with Cantril to the Soviet Union for the CIA in 1958, and from the National Institute of Mental Health, also known to be a covert funding conduit. He apparently worked for HumRRo. He served as an adviser on army-sponsored steroid experiments. He helped found Harvard’s Social Relations Department, which had been generously funded by covert intelligence agencies. He served the U.S. Army Surgeon General’s Clinical Psychology Advisory Board and the National Committee for Mental Hygiene with the CIA’s propagator of LSD, Frank Fremont-Smith. Along with Fremont-Smith, Abramson, and Leary, *he occupied a spot on the agency’s LSD pyramid.”

**In June 1960, Dr. Michael Maccoby received his PhD from Harvard in Social Relations at the same time Murray was a central figure in Harvard’s interdisciplinary Department of Social Relations. Murray retired from Harvard in 1962.

At Harvard at the Social Relations school, Dr. Maccoby said that he bumped into and started working with psychologist Jerome Seymour Bruner (October 1, 1915 – June 5, 2016). During World War II, Bruner served on the Psychological Warfare Division of the Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force committee under General Dwight D. Eisenhower, researching social psychological phenomena.

At Harvard at the Social Relations school, Dr. Maccoby said that he also bumped into and started working with psychologist, behaviorist, author, inventor, and social philosopher Burrhus Frederic Skinner (March 20, 1904 – August 18, 1990), commonly known as B. F. Skinner. And, he taught the shadow government and the CIA and the ILLUMINATI how to shape children into anything they want- MK ULTRA ritual trauma abused sexual slaves and espionage. agents.

At Harvard at the Social Relations school, Dr. Maccoby said that he also bumped into and started working with one of world’s most dangerous and ruthless bloodline Satanic ILLUMINATI globalist on earth, McGeorge Bundy.

Dr. Maccoby also worked under Psychologist Erich Fromm. Erich Seligmann Fromm (March 23, 1900 – March 18, 1980) was born in Frankfurt, Germany, the only child of Orthodox Jewish parents. Fromm was a social psychologist, psychoanalyst, humanistic philosopher, and democratic socialist. He was associated with the Frankfurt School of critical theory. Fromm’s Jewish background had an influence on his approach. Fromm studied the Talmud at an early age and was profoundly influenced by the ethical and humanistic implications of the writings as well as the mystical revelations found throughout.

… I grew up in DC, in a neighborhood that was pretty much 80% CIA operatives.” -Nora Maccoby


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One of Dr. Michael Maccoby’s daughters is Nora Maccoby -Hathaway, a DC based Writer, Director, and film Producer. She co-wrote the film Bongwater (2000) and the film, Buffalo Soldiers (2003), which won the Evening Standard British Film Award in 2004. She also directed of the award-winning short film, Dropping the Bomb on My Street (1994). Nora is a Clean Energy Activist, and co-founder the Green Salon. She received her BA in Theater from Oberlin College and her MFA in Directing from the American Film Institute. Nora is also a close friend of Alefantis/Comet Ping Pong Pizza, and a patron of Transformer.


Dr. Michael Maccoby’s other daughter is Izzette Maccoby Folger. She is a longtime Washington DC friend of Alefantis. They are connected to the DC nonprofit art group, Transformer. Izzette is married to DC financial advisor Neil Folger. Along with Tony Podesta and Alefantis, Neil is expressly in the Transformer’s Visionary Leaders’ Circle.


Neil’s father is financial advisor Lee Merritt Folger– a child sacrifice (Moloch, also spelled Molech) pagan member of the Bohemian Grove.[10] Lee’s father was investment banker, John Clifford Folger (1893-1981), U.S. Ambassador to Belgium Belgium folks, Belgium.(1957-59)- Alfalfa Club.[11] The Folgers are descendants of Peter Folger. Peter was an early 17th century English settler of Martha’s Vineyard. He was the grandfather of human sacrifice Master Mason, Benjamin Franklin, member of the worlds infamous Hellfire Club.[12] His grandmother, Mary Morrell Folger, was a white slave (indentured servant)


And AkhaldanSolo


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David Blaine is, as well, accussed of a number of different rapes just last year.

Superstar magician David Blaine is 'accused of rape by former model Natasha Prince'

EXCLUSIVE - 'Just suck my d* for a few seconds': SECOND woman tells Scotland Yard she was victim of sex attack by David Blaine as she claims he unzipped his trousers during meeting**


The powerful UK politician Paul Boateng (above right) is to be questioned by the UK's child sex abuse inquiry, led by chief Justice Lowell Goddard.

Apparently, back in 1998, the police wanted to speak to Paul Boateng about his alleged links to a child abuse ring and to John Carroll the boss of a ­children's home (child brothel) in London.


One witness said that she saw Boateng at Carroll’s children's home (boy brothel) in Lambeth, South London, during the 1980s.

Another witness said that Boateng visited a camp for children in care, run by Carroll.

A third person, who worked in social services, said that Boateng contacted him after Carroll's bid to foster two boys was turned down.

Carroll was jailed for 10 years in 1999 for abusing children during the 80s and 90s.

Geller with former UK prime minister Edward Heath, who has reportedly been linked to pedophile rings, allegedly linked to Mossad and its friends

While Tony Blair was Prime Minister, Paul Boateng was the government minister reponsible for the police.

There is a belief that Boateng may know a lot about the child abuse rings that were allegedly used, worldwide, by the security services.

Child abuse rings are used by the powers-that-be to control the world.

A top people's child abuse ring made use of around 20 children's care homes in Lambeth in London.

It appears as though these "magicians" act as "handlers" or controllers.


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Wow learning something new here I always thought Izzette was aFOLGER all along. No wonder shes buddies with JA.


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This is that SJW stuff that jews like to call "art". I don't know how any rational white person could get behind Milo(terrible pun).


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Super nasty, do I have to watch beyond that first frame?

Could be some sort of elite beauty treatment? It's known young blood rejuvenates. Hopefully it's animal or better yet fake.


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to help complete an infamous “Analysis of the Personality of Adolph Hitler.

Was that the same study C.G. Jung worked on, or a different one, do you know?