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Trying to get some insight into this: Trump called Ben Carson a Pedophile and then hired him

Nobody seems to have an opinion on it.


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Try providing a video where he actually says it himself. This video is someones opinion.


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Trump did NOT call Carson a Pedophile. This is a badly interpreted reference to a CNN (Erin Burnett) Trump interview. See it here, published on YouTube Nov 12, 2015 - Donald Trump: Ben Carson says he's pathological. The most relevant takeaway from this is Trump's opinion of pedophiles. YOU DON'T CURE THESE PEOPLE.


Burnett: In terms of Dr. Carson, you've said some of the questions about his past are fair. There have been a lot of questions about what really happened, what his childhood was like. You know, he's pushed back in the media. He said at the debate the other night, "I have a problem with being lied about." Do you believe he's being truthful, now you've heard his answers?

Trump: Well I don't know. I mean first of all, I like him. I get along with him very well, I just don't know. And don't forget, this is in his book. I'm not bringing up anything that's not in his book, and...

Burnett: Mm hm

Trump: know, when he says he went after his mother, and wanted to hit her in the head with a hammer, that bothers me. I mean, that's pretty bad. When he says he's pathological, and he says that in the book, I don't say that. And again, I'm not saying anything, I'm not saying anything, other than pathological is a very serious disease. And he said he's pathological, somebody said he has pathological disease, other people said he said in the book and I haven't seen it, I know it's in the book, that he's got a pathological temper or temperament. That's a big problem, because you don't cure that. That's like, you know I could say, they say you don't cure, AS AN EXAMPLE, CHILD MOLESTER. You don't CURE these people. You don't CURE a child molester. There's no CURE for it. Pathological, there's no cure for that. Now, I didn't say it, he said it in his book. So when I hear somebody's pathological, when somebody says I went after my mother with, and he's saying it about himself,

Burnett: Yes

Trump: ...with a hammer to hit her in the head, I way whoa! I never did, you never did. I don't know anybody that ever did, personally. But that's a big statement. When he said he hit a friend of his in the face with a lock, with a padlock, right in the face, I say whoa! That's pretty bad. And when he said he stabbed somebody with a knife but it hit a belt buckle. I know a lot about knives and belt buckles. Belt buckles aren't gonna stop because they're gonna turn, they're gonna twist, they're gonna you know, they're not solid. Especially if somebody's got a couple of extra pounds on, you know, they move. There's a lot of movement. So the chances of somebody going like that [mimics a stabbing motion] hitting a belt buckle where it doesn't slide off, and go into the...

Burnett: So you're not satisfied yet.

Trump: Well I just don't know, but when somebody says that he's pathological, you'll have to ask him that question. Look, I hope it's fine because, I think it would be a shame. But think of it. What he's saying is, these things happened. It would be nicer if he said no, none of these things did happen. He's saying, these things happened, and therefore I have credibility. And what I'm saying is, I'd rather have them if they didn't happen. I don't want somebody that hit somebody in the face really hard with a padlock. I don't want somebody that went after his mother with a hammer...

Burnett: ? (unintelligible, sounds like) so you're proud of that

Trump: I don't somebody frankly, I didn't read his book, but, according to the book he said he's pathological that's a very serious term.

ADDED: It's notable, that Trump, when looking for a comparison to a pathological disease, readily finds child molester as the example. Emphatically stating There's no cure for that. This wasn't scripted, it was from the heart. I know this comment will be buried, as a reply to a downvoated comment, and I wonder if it's worth it's own sub. Maybe old news, but news that hasn't been emphasized enough here.