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So the word vino means blood as in the movie Clockwork Orange used by the main character Alex. Nordstad 1. A false language created for use in the novel by Anthony Burgess, "A Clockwork Orange." The Nadsat language is a bastardization of Slavic combined with "school boy" rhyming slang and English terms. THIS is a possibility.


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@pizza-party-pooper-2 Trump called Ben Carson a Pedophile and then hired him


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I am sorry but I can't get the sound on the video. I do remember there being some kind of strange thing he said about him, and I was surprised he kept him on. The strange thing about Ben Carson is that he is working at Johns Hopkins which was guilty decades ago for very nasty operations when it came to African Americans. They offered them food and a room if they offered themselves for different tests etc. Look up Henrietta Lacks. Horrid. There is a lot of sketchy stuff about the place. But maybe Trump likes something about him we don't know about.