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The bullish New York attorney Roy Cohn was the quintessential false-opposition operative working under Senator Joseph McCarthy. He prosecuted and persecuted communists, as part of the establishment-controlled red scare, as well as homosexuals, despite being a homosexual himself. But how he was so successful, achieving a huge amount of federal indictments as McCarthy’s aide and attorney for the U.S. Department of Justice, was likely due to a dirty, dark secret of his: sexual blackmail, especially of the pedophile kind. Biographer Burton Hersh reveals about Cohn,

If this is true at all... we should continue down this line. Either way flush out his connections to a few degrees of separation to see if there are any channels, or cliques that would render him complicit and fully aware. The article is replete with speculation and little referable evidence so It's not a solid case. However it's admittedly a preponderance of evidence in warranting further investigation of Trump and the named associates. Keep in mind Guilt by association isn't necessarily a thing for someone like Trump as he shakes a lot of elite hands anyhow, but the thing would be..... how did he get where he was and escape the Mossad snare.