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great forensic work dude

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There's a link right here that says you can contact Lisa's family?! Did you see this yet? http://www.findlisairwin.com/ Then there's this from yesterday https://www.google.com/amp/fox4kc.com/2018/01/26/baby-lisas-mom-says-she-believes-lisa-is-in-school-somewhere-and-hopes-someone-will-recognize-her-7-year-old/amp/ Anyone with tips about Lisa Facebook page https://m.facebook.com/babylisaupdates/photos/a.264790210243129.65664.263908546997962/648686575186822/?type=3&source=54

I say we make that phone ring off The hook!?

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I've tried multiple times to contact the family but there seems to be someone managing that website or page who is not passing along the information. Some really weird stuff happened when I tried to contact the family. I've been unable to find a legit phone number or email address for them and I started getting threats of kidnapping me and my husband when I publicly posted a photo asking for them to email me. If they see this, I want proof of the fact that they've been relayed the information or I want them to email and call me. amyjames@protonmail.com

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WOW ! If this doesn't get their attention , nothing will ! Good job girl! Makes me sick all the time that has passed and these girls are still in his possession !

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Yeah, from my research, he may legitimately be Victoria's dad, but I can't find any baby photos of "Annabelle." The first thing I found was a blog from 6 months after Lisa Irwin was kidnapped. Not saying he deserves to be "in possession" of Victoria just because he's her dad, based on what I've seen on his channel that he does to the girls.

Getting sent constant harassment including photos of a dead body and a taped up redhead pretty much says to me that someone doesn't like my Lisa Irwin / Toy Freaks pieces.

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Wow ! Did you ever figure out how to reach Lisa's mom? I'd be knocking on her door in a heart beat if I lived by her. I mean what in the actual ?! That's her baby I have no doubt !

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Do you think it is possible that Lisa's real parents could be in on this somehow or do you think they are legit?

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Based on what I've seen I think Jeremy and Deborah are legitimately wanting their daughter back and had nothing to do with the kidnapping. But I think there is a ring surrounding them keeping the case locked up tight. And I think many of the people calling themselves their friends are huge liars.

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I shared this post on the " find baby Lisa " Facebook page . I said that I had seen it circulating on line and on twitter and why hasn't anyone looked into this 😱

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thank you!! I have tried that page before... they claim they showed it to her but I don't believe that without proof

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Your welcome! It's so odd that nobody has even tried to prove its not her !

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Update: I added a few more pictures to the original article, check it out (too many to add to the OP here due to character limits)