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Kirk Kerkorian was a well known Vegas mobster.

Kerkorian used now incarcerated ex-PI Anthony Pellicano to illegally wiretap his ex-wife.

Who was Pellicano? None other than an ex-PI that worked for many celebs and powerful people including ....** the Clintons**.

Gores, according to the New York Times, is said to have hired Pellicano because he wanted to catch Lisa cheating with his brother, Tom, a business competitor (a third brother, Sam, runs the Paradigm Talent Agency in Hollywood and is married to a former soap-opera star). Alec Gores paid Pellicano $50,000, loaned him the same amount (which was not repaid) and treated the private investigator’s family to a Hawaiian vacation in exchange for services rendered.

Why Pellicano go to jail? Possession of C4 explosives and illegally wiretapping FBI agents INVESTIGATING HIM, along with others...

Thank about that for a second.

tl;dr Pellicano is a well known mobster who uses threats, intimidation and physical attacks to convince witnesses to go away. Broke the windshield of an LA Times Reporter who was investigating his client. Used illegal wiretaps to spy on client's enemies including for the Clintons. Known to show up with baseball bat to silence victims.

Clintons are known for running 'clean up operations.' What more could they need than a man like Pellicano to wiretap their enemies and provide the means to silence witnesses? Same man caught with C4 in his office in West Hollywood when it was raided. What the hell was he doing with C4???

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No problem. You don't end up with the ability to wiretap FBI agents if you don't have massive resources / organizations backing you.