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You know, nobody is following Q's instructions! He wanted meme showing real news versus fake news side by side. None of the memes show that. He wanted us to research the Congressional investigation on Planned Parenthood. Nobody has done that either.

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You know, nobody is following Q's instructions!

Because people know it is a psyop.

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I was just thinking that it doesn't matter whether it's real or not because at worst it's getting the believers to be active, engaged, researching, and learning. But that's only assuming it's either real or a LARPer. If it was deep state or just regular opponents, what would be their intentions? What could be the worst that they're up to? I suppose it could be to distract the believers from investigating the crimes of the perpetrators, but to me that doesn't make sense because it seems like the perpetrators are providing more motivation to practice investing than they otherwise would have. I suppose they could try to sour the milk, by convincing the believers that the perpetrators are the authorities, and then gradually convincing the believers that they, the authorities, are manipulating the believers for the authorities' benefit at the expense of the believers' good will.

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We definitely need some PP/Pizzagate memes. If you make or see any, put them in the sticky in the comments.

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Trust Q. Q is really close to trump, might even be the guy himself.

4, 10, 20. If A=1. that is D,J,T.. tripcode-verified.

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Trump doesn't use a computer.

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Trump uses twitter. He has internet access and can get messages out you dolt

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Order to Shills - discredit Q by any means necessary.

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Have a QAnon Storm Watch flair, Cc183.

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Hey @Cc183,

We know this story (and any "conspiracy" in general) is a big puzzle. One individual piece does not allow a person to see what the picture is, but once all (or at least most) of the pieces are laid out and in place the picture becomes very clear. This is how I see the pizzagate story.

Now, getting normies to see the "big picture" in this massive puzzle that is pizzagate requires showing them most of the pieces. This normally takes hours and hours as it requires a "woke" person to search and compile all the info in real time while the normie is trying to get learned up on this story. What if someone put together a comprehensive, objective and fully sourced PowerPoint presentation which would serve as an official "Box" for all the puzzle pieces? Do you think that would be helpful to wake up normies? It would save so much time in having to track down links and sources while explaining what this whole thing is....

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Lately I've been wanting to start a series of Twitter threads a la Thomas Wictor -- which are very much like a slideshow/powerpoint (each tweet in the thread being a slide). Haven't gotten enough time, yet, though.

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How would you go about distributing a pwoer point (or PDF document) so that people could view it and take possession of it?

All the while remaining anonymous..?

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The psyop is probably also a distraction from the fact that humanity is still being snuck up on every single day.


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Psalm, I believe that is what this is for: https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1497611 A powerpoint with pictures certainly could help new users get more out of this information, but for now this is the best we have... and it's pretty damn good, if you ask me, especially due to all the links to evidence.

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Yep. @Millennial_Falcon spent weeks making that, for that very purpose and everyone just forgets it's there. :-)