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Good job!

Wow, look at that @DomKeyhote @DankKeyhote

A WOMAN did some good research!

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Glad you enjoyed.

Appreciate it.

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Are we starting to like each other? 😮

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The sheer level of despair donkey must be feeling is truly glorious.

Gave the little bitch one last chew out as he left with his tail tucked between his legs.

I especially love the last words where I ironically used his own words to twist the knife in him.

"Narcacists, psychopaths, and sociopaths are only good for one thing, and it involves ovens." In this case, it means being thrown into ovens, like the context he uses when he uses it.

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And it's been great around here without him!

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Hopefully donkey boy means it this this tiime and stays gone. I think he will since you damaged his fragile manhood! 😁😁😁

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She might have got on the right medications this time 🤓 I doubt Donkey will ever be able to completely walk away. I think he likes his little testicles being stomped on. He’s a moron lol.

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HAHA ^_^

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Paul Mitchell died in 1989. John Paul Dejoria is the individual in question.

I have a first hand account of his personality profile >> He is a complete asshole and a fake.

Excellent submission, btw. An incredible connecting of the dots that dovetails with Q Anon's questions about Obama's recent travels.

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I was going to try and get some clarification on that one so thanks for posting this.

It looks like the real, deceased Paul Mitchell owned an estate in Hawaii. I couldn't find where the still living poser lives. Of note however, his daughter is a race car driver and married to Jesse James. I'm not sure what that means. Despite being thrown under the bus by his phony ex wife and tv darling I still thought he was pretty down to earth and decent. Who knows about any of these people at this point.

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How Dejoria gained control of PM Systems has shady undertones. His wife is actually the nicer one ( at least when I was in contact with them ) and there may have been some character assassination of her involved. His on air personality is nothing like real life persona. He was pretentious and rude. He wore Michael Jackson like military jackets, complete with frills on the shoulders. He was so arrogant, he was even standoffish to A+ list celebs ( 99% who were polite, normal people ). That's all I got :)

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No I think Paul Mitchell died in 1990

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thank you... that was a typo

fixed it :)

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Really nice job. A good read and great research.

You know, remember that Dave Flintstone distillery in Hawaii where that guy said there are tons of wifi signals coming from the ground?

The Dave Flintstone that uses Mr Potato Head as a sign? The distillery that is next to a school contected to that judge Obama appointed? The distillery where there is a cliffside door by a dock to somewhere underground?

Well, that distillery is also supposedly next to a large palatial mansion possibly even connected to the distillery. I wonder if that’s Paul Mitchell’s mansion?


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Did anybody ever find out what happen to the guy who was investigating this underground facility? I remember he was terrified and I never heard anymore about it.

I don’t know if you remember the pic of that small child at Lazzetto’s House that was playing with a Mr. Potato Head. I think it was on her blog site.

I just know there are tunnels to these places in Hawaii. I read when they blew up Barry’s Thailand place it had miles of tunnels under it. It was a 400-acre Estate. I think about all those helpless kids still being abused/killed while we are investigating all this shit.

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I read when they blew up Barry’s Thailand place it had miles of tunnels under it.

Didn’t know about that.

the hawaii guy

Last I heard he said he was at the airport in California being followed

Luzatto Potato Head

I think remember that photo. When Chaffetz resigned he dressed up as Mr PH in his backyard and posted it. The guitar player for pearl jam has a book of photos of people posing with Mr PH.

kids in tunnels suffering

I go catatonic sometimes thinking about that. It’s disturbing and makes me angry that the normies’ blindness keeps us from fixing the problem.

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That's why we do this. If even a tiny amount of this turns out to be true, it is an incredible tragedy. I can hardly imagine what they would be going through...

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I remember that. I am trying to search for info on it in the Alt. Search. Not much comes up on Dave Flinstone. I remember researching the school and there was a child counselor arrested for sex abuse a real scandal. If it was right next door that area is a cesspool with the mansion and possibly tunnels as well. Not to mention the distillery with the signals as well. I remember there even being pictures of the place in a thread that someone did but nothing comes up. Would be good if we could find the address for the mansion and the distillery @Dressage2 @migratory patterns

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He was also referred to as Dave Stone or Stone Distillery as I recall.

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search "cheesybay" and see if it comes up...IIRC, Flintstone was connected to that weird Ebay site selling faulty hard drives...

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Just another thing to add to the list!

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Here's the website. Island Distillers - Dave Flintstone http://www.islanddistillers.com/contact/

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Thanks and, no, I didn't know about this.

Christ! More underground tunnels! Will check it out and thanks for the lead.

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Yup, and the rumors about Delta Force raiding Obama's estate in Thailand also found tunnels (I could not corroborate the story)

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Oh. You must delve into that. It's what started Pizzagate.

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I remember that. I was wondering how that turned out. Sounds like the x-files.

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@migratorypatterns I logged in just to up Voat you. Pun intended. You guys who are the tech geniuses ( I don't even know how to do hide my IP address according to another Voater) are saving humanity and the kids! Bless.

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Well, aren't you nice?

Thank you so much for your kind words. All the members here are doing this for the kids. I'm sure we have other things going on, but squeezing in time to post what we uncover is crucial and a way for us to get the word out.

I do appreciate what you said.

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I wish I could help more. I am not clever tech wise, so I do my part by tweeting and sharing the heck out of ground-breaking info like this. Thank you!

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Excellent job, MP!!! I'm giving this the New Evidence flair. I also just made sure Will Craddick knows the direction you took his research, in case he has other tidbits he can connect to this. :-)

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Thanks so much! Appreciate the flair and good words.

I'm anticipating this leading to more. There's one huge rabbit hole here that needs 'splaining.

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Excellent work migratorypatterns! Connecting some serious dots.

“We got our group together on Saturday and went with our pussy hats and Santa hats and proceeded to Christmas carol in front of the estate,”

Busting Barry on the island... Best thing the pussy-hat people have ever done... :)

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Busting Barry on the island... Best thing the pussy-hat people have ever done... :)

roflmao...at least they are good for something

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With Bryan Singer: How heartbreaking is this.. and disgusting of the media. I am so fed up with type this garbage.


The mother of the alleged victim of a powerful Hollywood pedophile ring says she tried for years to interest the media in the story. Michael Egan’s mother Bonnie Mound said, “I wrote every news channel, every magazine, every talk-show host, everybody, from Oprah to ‘20/20’ to ‘60 Minutes’…. Nobody wanted to do anything because of the high-profile people involved.”

There is literally pics of this man posing disgustingly with young males everywhere online. I would sue them for bias or whatever possible, make it public record.

 Some of his donations went to:

Records of the Federal Election Commission (FEC) show Singer making donations totaling $75,800 to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA), and even the North Carolina Democratic Party.

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Yes, I feel sorry for the mother. She really did support her son. And if the media wasn't paid off, why wouldn't they want to dig into this story? Kids were being molested. Wouldn't they want to stop that? Warn other parents bringing their kids to PedoWood to be careful?

This does stink. I don't want traditional news to ever call themselves journalists, reporters, or anything remotely connected with an open press and objective reporting. They're a bunch of whores and have been selectively picking and choosing what they think we ought to hear ... and that includes suppressing stories and publishing propaganda.

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That story was so Heart Breakinig it made me cry. His picture as a boy has Sorrow written all over it. The eyes are what got to me. I wonder how things are going for him now. In case you don't rmember @Wisconsin_Is_Corrupt had mentioned that Shackley is connected to the Racine Operations. That sure would explain him being mixed up with the abuse in Hawaii.

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Of course Oprah won't touch it, too busy pimping young British aspiring actresses for Harvey (seen the photos!! Sick!) And she has the nerve to lecture Amrica about Me Too movement. Cover upper like Megyn Kelly.

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Oprah, Haggis, Franco, Streep...these hypocrites REALLY make me so angry

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I am working on a clue that is rather shocking. At least it was to me. I have found through an old post from a year ago that Sasha Lord sent an email to David Stone/Flinstone and got one back with a Mr. Potato Head on it! Mr. Potato Head. Remember those pics with Obama and HRC holding a Mr. Potato Head? I think this is a huge clue. I am going to send you a copy of this email. The person they were trying to find a "Sleeping Partner" for was Richard Windsor the alias for Lisa Jackson of the EPA under Obama. I could use a little help on this if you can help out. migratory is working on another lead so we are both working deeply on this rabbit hole and are committed to getting to the bottom of it. Let me know if you can help. Will send info later today. I nearly fell over when it hit me what I was looking at.

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BrYan Singer...with a 'Y'

only reason for lecture: you want this post to come up in a Google Search when folk google his name.

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Oh yes I will correct that. Thank you.

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There just has to be a way to Award a Post with more than 1 Upvoat! Jeepers!!! O_O

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Thanks! I'm really glad I stumbled across this.

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This thread blows my mind more than anything else has in a long time. I think bc there are so many concrete connections.

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Can't wait to dig!

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