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No skeletons in my closet, a few in the fridge? WHAT? This guy is sick beyond words. I have a feeling doing that goes to your head literally. It causes something in the brain to make you crazy. This is what happens to people with too much money. They get bored and feel they have to try everything. Plus they are corrupted by those in power. Luciferians.

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Same mod who deleted the pizzagate /r/... wow

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I came from reddit. Not surprised. I am sorry to have to say little surprises me now.

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Also the steroid Williams sista Serena is married to the CEO of reddit and she connects with Ratner maybe a Hollyweird Producer Rapist

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it is entirely possible that these comments were made as jokes. just someone trying to be shocking & have a laugh. i really don't see this as proof of anything. people do say shit like this that are just kidding around. seems like a stretch to me.

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I came from reddit and left because we were basically kicked out of there. That place has gone from bad to worse. Lot of crazy weird stuff going on there and there are a lot of the Elites which includes him partaking of the Blood and Cooking. In his case, I would not be a bit surprised since he is one of THEM.

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I'd be inclined to agree with you--joking about Pizzagate, etc....except at least one of the posts shown was more than 5 years old.....

Who in the hell is so obsessed with cannibal jokes over a period of YEARS, most of which were years before PIZZAgate/SpiritCooking etc were a "thing"? Its weird.

How many cannabalism jokes have YOU made in your entire life prior to 2016?

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If you are following pizzagate, and know the kind of things that are reality, and recall how he used his authority at Reddit, you would find it a disturbing coincidence.

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Thank fuck I'm not the only one around here with a sense of reason.

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Wow ! just saw this . I can't believe it's flagged as disinformation ! Also argosciv is here trying to be the authority on it all so , we know what we know, and this seems real to me . These people are SICK and for people to be telling you to calm down etc , especially when these people are self proclaimed blood drinkers .. should prove this is real .

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My exact thoughts. Just wanted to get your take. Amazing. Just amazing.

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100% spot on!

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Thank you. I am sick and tired of having to defend what we have always found so horrible it was never discussed. Now they are trying to Normalize everything we have found Totally Repugnant. It seems they are on a Roll to bring up Cannibalism since Alex Trebeck just brought it up on Jeapordy. See what is happening in that thread recently posted. Sick. Trebeck should now be considered a Tool of the Elite.

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This is old. All these tech guys are fucking weirdos.

I think once you have enough money, it's join the satanists or die.

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Being CEO of reddit must be comperable to being head hobo in a hobo colony in a sewer drain. It stinks, smells like piss and shit everywhere, but dammit, someone has to be top dog.

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I always suspected spez of being in the clique, mostly because of how he helps censor reddit to prevent things like pizzagate from gaining traction. That's been going on for many years on reddit, but when he sold r/politics to all the shills, it became more obvious to me. No good-intentioned person would be wasting their time with cannibalism either, even out of boredom (which shouldn't exist in the first place for a reddit admin).

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Spez is a weirdo. His demographic (White skin / blue eyes / blonde hair / male / probably gay) will be the first to be targeted for correction and replacement if his brown overlords get their way.

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Huffman (Spez) is a kike (one of the so-called "overlords"), though, not white. Although I recall that even the Talmud does not openly endorse cannibalism (though I may well be wrong), it is not terribly out of line with the general worldview of kikes. Murder, theft, deception, incest, child rape, sodomy , bestiality - all these things and more are fully condoned by the Talmud. I see no reason why practicing cannibalism couldn't be an acceptable "jewish" way of life, too.

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Being a white male isn't evil if you're gay. I thought everybody knew that.

Interesting that the Left has offered a gay (or strongly believed to be so by some) in the last 3 elections (Obama, ManCountry, Chicago church buddy, LArry Sinclair, etc) Hillary (too many examples to mention) and now Oprah is the new Cat's Ass.....

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Vindicator strikes again! 'POSSIBLE DISINFORMATION".

Vindicator did not label the thread "possible disinformation" that reported that the marines repelled from helicopters and arrested the CIA at Langley.

Vindicator did not label "POSSIBLE DISINFORMATION" the thread that said the Podesta brothers were arrrested and brougt to Gitmo.

Yet this is 100% the CEO of reddit talking about how he likes human flesh with BBQ sauce.

Pedo pedo pedo mod strikes again.

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Everyone is forgetting his co founder was “suicided” whilst fighting some elite people so Spez gained a lot and has allowed Brock and his ilk to control the reddit narratives

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This has been discussed on reddit many times But reddit has had child porn on it before he allowed it

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