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"how to float away so things didn't hurt"

That's the dissociation/out of body thing you can see in victim's paintings.

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In the publisher's notes at the bottom, it states this woman has indeed been diagnosed with DID (dissociative identity disorder).

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There is a point where circumstantial evidence is proof positive.

edit - The point is reached with overwhelming saturation of corroborated circumstantial evidence.

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All the normal people I know, don't share pictures of little kids in sexual ways using pedo code phrases. Guess our 'rulers' aren't normal.

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Shit man, all the people I know don't share pictures digitally.

Please stop using facebook.

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Have to say, that description coupled with that picture is pretty damning.

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You mean like Jews being 2% of the US but 95% of the pedophiles named here? Would that be considered overwhelming? BUEHLER???

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Yeah, but I'm not a "fire up the ovens" sort of guy.

I think we should shoot them in the brain stem and bury them in a ditch.

edit - by "them", I mean communists.

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Judaism condones pedophilia so not much evidence should be needed.

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cause you know, witness testimonies, like this one don't matter for shit. this is obviously sarcasm. fuck these people and the cops and judges who protect them.

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This made me sick

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You're not the only one.

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Everything is pretty bad, but hearing how it works, breaks my heart. Govts in on it. A porous border is not good for anyone.

"The girls' first contacts are usually with what appear to be legitimate travel agencies. According to prosecutors, the Komisaruk/Mezheritsky ring in Ukraine worked with two such agencies in Kiev, Art Life International and Svit Tours. The helpful agents at Svit and Art Life explained to the girls that the best way to get into the U.S. was through Mexico, which they portrayed as a short walk or boat ride from the American dream. Oblivious and full of hope, the girls get on planes to Europe and then on to Mexico.

Every day, flights from Paris, London and Amsterdam arrive at Mexico City's international airport carrying groups of these girls, sometimes as many as seven at a time, according to two Mexico City immigration officers I spoke with (and who asked to remain anonymous). One of them told me that officials at the airport -- who cooperate with Mexico's federal preventive police (P.F.P.) -- work with the traffickers and ''direct airlines to park at certain gates. Officials go to the aircraft. They know the seat numbers. While passengers come off, they take the girls to an office, where officials will 'process' them.''

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I've (obviously) seen this pic before, but seeing it in this context really shows how sick these people are.

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Yes that is what they do. The pic on his Instagram is a hint.

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Jesus H Christ! And these people think that we are the profane? They just have no idea how fucking sick they are. They also know what will happen to them once enough people wake the fuck up.

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They probably thought they'd never see the day :P

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That is what I heard. It is why they have been panicking.

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Khazarians will be dying by the hundreds of thousands soon enough.

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I hope you are right. Something needs to be done. Then the history books need to be rewritten so future generations have a fair warning about this.

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Nice catch, pairing that quote with that pic. Also this entire article is worth reading, and illustrates the important role of transport in child trafficking. If you are familiar with 4chan's Anonymous5 (supposedly a high level insider), he said the key to destroying "pizza" and child trafficking is exposing the transport networks: ie. identifying the distribution centres, the fleets of vehicles and the routes they use. Check 4chan's Human Trafficking General threads to read the work of channers investigating the transport networks. Those threads are always quickly heavily shilled too--a dead giveaway they're close to exposing something fishy.

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https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Art_in_Embassies_Program is part of the trafficking network. There's a cargo import/export law that allows ships to bypass certain checks and balances; I believe this law is being used to hide trafficking.

You gave me some good leads to follow/look into, so thank you very much.

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THis was also a distrubring paragraph, but makes a lot of sense about people like Ghisaline, Hillary, Huma, etc. BREAKING THE GIRLS IN

Once the Mexican traffickers abduct or seduce the women and young girls, it's not other men who first indoctrinate them into sexual slavery but other women. The victims and officials I spoke to all emphasized this fact as crucial to the trafficking rings' success. ''Women are the principals,'' Caballero, the Mexican federal preventive police officer, told me. ''The victims are put under the influence of the mothers, who handle them and beat them. Then they give the girls to the men to beat and rape into submission.'' Traffickers understand that because women can more easily gain the trust of young girls, they can more easily crush them. ''Men are the customers and controllers, but within most trafficking organizations themselves, women are the operators,'' Haugen says. ''Women are the ones who exert violent force and psychological torture.''

This mirrors the tactics of the Eastern European rings. ''Mexican pimps have learned a lot from European traffickers,'' said Claudia, a former prostitute and madam in her late 40's, whom I met in Tepito, Mexico City's vast and lethal ghetto. ''The Europeans not only gather girls but put older women in the same houses,'' she told me. ''They get younger and older women emotionally attached. They're transported together, survive together.''

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This is real journalism. What happened?

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i'd like them all dead

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