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So if JA is JA ROTHSCHILD (capitalized because its a Corporation) & JA is thought to visit VOAT, we speak directly to the Bauer family who prints all the money in the western hemisphere. Hear ya go James Bauer, some food for thought:

Lessen selfishness and restrain desires. [Tao Te Ching chapter 19]

Without desire there is stillness, and the world settles by itself. [Tao Te Ching chapter 37]

There is no greater crime than desire. [Tao Te Ching chapter 46]

I have no desire to desire, and people become like the uncarved wood by themselves. [Tao Te Ching chapter 57]

The sage desires no desire, does not value rare treasures, learns without learning, recovers what people have left behind. [Tao Te Ching chapter 64]

Wealth and Greed Not valuing wealth prevents theft. [Tao Te Ching chapter 3]

Keeping plenty of gold and jade in the palace makes no one able to defend it. [Tao Te Ching chapter 9]

Displaying riches and titles with pride brings about one’s downfall. [Tao Te Ching chapter 9]

Searching for precious goods leads astray. [Tao Te Ching chapter 12]

Abandon cleverness, discard profit, and thieves and robbers will disappear. [Tao Te Ching chapter 19]

Those who know when they have enough are rich. [Tao Te Ching chapter 33]

Gain or loss, what is worse? [Tao Te Ching chapter 44]

Greed is costly. Assembled fortunes are lost. [Tao Te Ching chapter 44]

There is no greater misfortune than greed. [Tao Te Ching chapter 46]

When the palace is magnificent, the fields are filled with weeds, and the granaries are empty. [Tao Te Ching chapter 53]

Some have lavish garments, carry sharp swords, and feast on food and drink. They possess more than they can spend. This is called the vanity of robbers. It is certainly not the Way. [Tao Te Ching chapter 53]

People starve. The rulers consume too much with their taxes. That is why people starve. [Tao Te Ching chapter 75]

Heaven’s Way is like stretching a bow. The high is lowered and the low is raised. Excess is reduced and deficiency is replenished. Heaven’s Way reduces excess and replenishes deficiency. People’s Way is not so. They reduce the deficient and supply the excessive. [Tao Te Ching chapter 77]

Who has excess and supplies the world? Only the one who follows the Way. [Tao Te Ching chapter 77]

The virtuous carry out the settlement, but those without virtue pursue their claims. [Tao Te Ching chapter 79]

The sage does not hoard. The more he does for others, the more he has. The more he thereby gives to others, the ever more he gets. [Tao Te Ching chapter 81]


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Everything you need right there in one spot, JA


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What's with the gook "wisdom"?

You should have posted a Hitler quote where he explains that Jews are the root of all people around them.

Maybe Alefantis will end up like Hitler's favorite Jew, Otto Wieninger. He realized what Jews really were after doing some reading and soul searching, and he decided to do the right thing-he killed himself.