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Alex Jones is a massive disinfo shill and not to mention a fat beta. Why is he a part of any of this?


[–] IVIVI 8 points 15 points (+23|-8) ago  (edited ago)

Alex Jones has done more to wake people up than you and everyone that complains about him.

Its funny. This forum is based on finding out more truthful information and waking people up.

Alex Jones has woke up the most people, or atleast one of the top guys. And yet so many people here hate him.

So weird that people here are hating on a man that is the "tip of the spear" (haha) of waking people up when the purpose of this forum is to find more information and wake up more people.

Evidence suggests Alex and Trump are against the NWO. Paris and TPP have been stopped. Anti-Trumpers and Alex Jones haters downplay this block or completely ignore it then cite other connections to say hes with the NWO.


[–] crashing_this_thread 0 points 9 points (+9|-0) ago 

He intentionally makes it easy to discredit him and his viewers. He tells the truth and he dropped some bombs on me regarding pizzagate, but I could learn that stuff other places as well.

When he goes off the rails talking about reptiles and fluroide turning frogs gay he makes us all look stupid. So he is actually doing a lot of damage.

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Thanks for your measured response - this site is getting invaded by a bunch of immature blabbers. Getting old already, and the mods aren't helping much. Very few seem to understand that getting justice is what we are about here.

Yes, on the whole I think he is one of the good guys, but not without problems. Can't wait to see the look on his face when it becomes extremely clear Alefantis actually HAS been involved... will he apologize to Joe Biggs and Maggie Howell at that point? That is an issue with a lot of us, and he continues to double down on his overstated theory regarding Comet was made to be the center of the network. But outside of that he is spot on most of the time, and tends to concentrate on the top of the chain rather than a mid level operator like Alefantis, even though most of us understand that Alefantis is a door which could be pried open to get to the top.

Also, many don't understand that he is mainly about presenting a vision for a libertarian society as a goal, and defeating the globalist forces is a step along the way to achieving his vision. And I certainly am not in step with his complete libertine vision like his buddy Stone.

But yes, he is clearly speaking against the pedophile networks quite regularly and gets info about their modus operendi all the time.

It will be interesting, however, to see how he starts to handle Q, since, if you think about it, Q is a direct threat to the current investment he is making in expanding his operation. Alex will no longer be the go to guy as the gatekeeper of the deep intel that he is fed - Q is going directly to the people and skipping the Alex Jones' of the world. He will have to accept his lot of becoming the next MSM who editorializes information that the people have gotten directly. That in my mind will tell us what he really is about and if his statements about wanting to retire are just bullpucky. Wait and see. But these are damn exciting times!!!


[–] JastheMace 3 points 7 points (+10|-3) ago 

Yep, Alex is all about Alex. He mixes nonsense in with some good info, but he only starts on the right path, intended to mislead by the end.


[–] senpaithatignoresyou 2 points 4 points (+6|-2) ago 

I am conflicted about this.

Part of the purpose of alex jones is to discredit us and the send us down the wrong track. The other purpose is to soften the blow for serious information, if he talks about it, it must be fake, so the average joe will ignore it. They would not want google to get into serious trouble while the markets are open, because that will cause a tech bubble burst. We are due for a tech bubble burst anyway.


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Alex Jones is a gatekeeper and a Knight of Malta... What do you expect? He's gotten pretty fat the last year, I'll give you that. How dare you you call him Beta-Male, that's just wrong dude! Have you tried Alpha Power? I guess not... :)

Infowars don't know half of it. Hopefully they RedPill some people... Anyone calling out the satanic pedophile cabal deserve some respect! So, fuck you Nerd...

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