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Quality post - will read the rest then comment after. Primo research.

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Thanks so much.

There's a lot to follow up on.

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What a very interesting post, thank you. I never thought I would say this but I am happy my mom is not around to see all her old 'heart throb' film stars being exposed. I remember the venom which she spat along with the name of Rock Hudson when she found out he was gay. My mom was a very loving woman, but there was one obvious thing she hated and that was gays/paedophiles. In the early 1970s my mom was in court on behalf of my 2 little brothers who had been caught by police in a 'gang' of boys (they were around 9 &10 years old at the time) and accused of 'gay bashing'. The leader of the 10 strong gang of was about 15 - he would get the younger boys to hang around town and when a 'gay' approached them to go to the car park with him, the rest of the gang would be there to threaten him and take money from him. I don't know all the ins and outs other than my mom saying that the lawyer was 'as queer as a 9 bob note' and the poor kids are going to spend time in detention centre, which my 2 brothers did for 6 weeks! - these sickos have been in power FAR TO LONG a time of reckoning is upon them!

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The fact he was allowed to destroy his daughter's life that way ... with no one even interfering. And it's going still going on today. The adoration and people thinking this scum are gods is definitely part of the problem. The other is that some do have that X factor where you actually like them. Sympathy for The Devil syndrome. There's someone else on my radar. Everyone is giving him a pass, but he doesn't deserve one. Think he's stinky, smelly dirty.

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Look forward to the reveal!

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Good research. To tie this back together again, I would add that Marlon Brando was a very good friend of Michael Jackson's. But apparently even Jackson's level of pedophilia irked Brando.

It came as no surprise to me when I heard Obama went to Brando's Island. They all run in the same circles and are financed by child pornography and human trafficking. Did Brando establish the Island as a gateway to bring over children from the poverty stricken Asia Pacific area? Were VIPs invited to the island previously to have sex with children at the island? It seems that the island is very symbolic for 'them,' I think they have held rituals there on more than one occasion.

Michael Jackson Molested Macaulay Culkin Suggest FBI Files – MJ Was a Monster Pedophile In a transcript of one tape from 1993, Jackson’s ex-butler Philip LeMarque and his wife Stella detailed how screen legend Marlon Brando complained that the King of Pop would “disappear with the children” at his Neverland Ranch in Santa Barbara, California.

Stella said: “He’d come to the ranch and always see Michael playing, then disappear with the children.” Michael would never spend time with the adults at the ranch. The couple said Jackson would watch porn films with young boys in his private bedroom behind a secret wall.

https://www.celebdirtylaundry.com/2013/micahel-jackson-macaulay-culkin-sexual-abuse-child-molester-pedophile-monster-063/ (source)

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Thanks for the info. As for the first questions re: the island, I believe a lot of things were done. Maybe rituals, etc.

I'm very interested in those tapes Brando listened to. What happened to them? Does The Kenyan use them? So many questions surrounding this. Obviously hugely dark, demonic forces are behind this And had Brando had his awards stripped away? PedoWood really is the most dangerous propaganda tool ever invented.

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Possible MJ ended up with them. He used to collect things like that, Elephant man's bones etc.

Tapes are used by alot of them. I don't know if it's something that is THAT unusual. Many normal people listen to positive reinforcement tapes. The highest level ones have access to virtual reality setups that have been in existence for decades, and can be used for all sorts of things.

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It's getting to point that every single "big-time" actor, and more importantly, the kike producers and executives of Hollywood, should simply be lined up against a wall and mowed down with a machine gun.

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No I had no idea about Brando...I thought he might be okay because he did an interview with Larry King where he said the Jews were horrible to other races. They made every kind of degrading movie about people but never made one with the kike.....

Brando sounds like a real piece of work.

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Brando was clearly insane as are all these child raping monsters. Maybe he had a mood swing and spilled the beans on Larry King, or more likely, he was just reading a script that was given him. Sometimes kikes like to openly tell the public that they control everything, only for the zombie masses to stare blank-eyed without reacting in any way at all, save for the well-learnt exclamation of "anti-semitism", much to the amusement of the kikes. Brando was a wreck, a puppet and tool, sustained by drugs, money and perversion his handlers the kikes threw his way.

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Thanks for putting this together. I had no idea Brando was a monster. I’m also not quite sure how this ties into BO staying at the Brandi? Is there more to it than a name? Finally, I don’t see a problem with meditation using a mantra. People were doing that for thousands of years before Crowley. It’s effective and it does calm the mind. I do it everyday.

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It's not that I think anything is wrong with meditation and I hope I didn't imply that.

It's the tapes Brando was using that I'm saying have got to something twisted. I mean, it's always the goal, isn't it? Do you actually think a devout Satanist like Crowley would be practicing yoga and using meditation tapes to the end that you're using it for? I'm very curious as to what was on those tapes. I'm wondering what ideas he was reinforcing and putting in his own head.

Yes, I started out with Obama going to The Brando because it was a natural starting point. I'm raising the question as to whether something of Brando actually remains on that island. In other words, is there a "culture" there. A "cabal". On Epstein's island there was a temple. Is there such a thing at The Brando. What about underground tunnels? Donald Cammel was there so I doubt they were playing Bingo each night. So I'm more calling out why Obama chose that spot, why he went there, and then backing up my asking by filling in details/background of what went on there.

And I didn't put this part in, but you know the obsession everyone has with Q and #followthewhiterabbit. Well, I mentioned dancing with the white rabbit being related to MJ, but what about a real white rabbit? Seem VP Pence has a white rabbit (a BOTUS: First Bunny of the US), and you know what the name is? That's right: Marlon.


Coincidence? Or is this administration trying to tell us something?