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Do you know how many times trump has tweeted "make America great again"? Not everything is pg related. Sometimes people get arrested en masse i.e. gang round ups, drug round ups etc etc. It is DC after all.

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The dems are trying to trigger an impeachment vote today.

Odds are good that Trump will pull something humiliating out, and change the narrative to "the dems are extremely evil, that is why they want me out of office".

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The "Grasping-at-Straws" is upon us.

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Spam. Everything that happens in D.C. is not pizzagate related. This "storm" game has turned into a zionist troll fest. There are tons of accounts that are about 10 and 11 months old with relatively low CPP pushing this "storm." I think its zionist trolls.

The Republican administration is pushing the zionist agenda to the point of getting people to believe that even the middle east war is about pizzagate. Like Saudia Arabia. Now Trump and Kushner are going to help take Jerusalem from the Palestenians and give it Israel.

Makes me wonder why this "storm" is allowed here. For those that don't know "storm" is a dark occult term for chaos magic. I hope people wake up from this trance.

EDIT: Notice how many down votes you get when questioning the "storm"? This is coming with a troll fest I think.

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I've been watching you toil against the flood of garbage posts for weeks now. There are no serious investigators left in this sub - just distractions (LARPers), misinformation and click-whores. The signal-to-noise is too small to be of any use any more.

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Is there anywhere else to go? I have been reading her for a year now. The good guys still pop in. Everything your complaint about is true, but is has been here since the beginning. It was worse at times. I see worthy post quite frequently. I’m not ready to give up on voat yet, but I strongly suggest that readers keep their defenses and powers of discernment at full capacity.

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I've been watching you toil against the flood of garbage posts for weeks now. There are no serious investigators left in this sub - just distractions (LARPers), misinformation and click-whores. The signal-to-noise is too small to be of any use any more.

It has gotten so bad that its useless to attempt to seriously communicate here anymore. Pathetic.

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Do you know any place that is still doing any real work?

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Keep plugging away with a sincere voice of reason is our only choice. The powers that be haven't spent trillions on mind control and conditioning since the end of WWII for nothing. The sorcery used to exploit a human beings natural urge for security and safety 'trumps' those other faculties that would have made for more rational presidential choice. Time and time again this rubicon is played on the people and the people always fall for it. "We" the people are simply forced to endure the consequences and it has become obvious, and a historical lesson, that we must all ride it out as best we can. These are huge mechanical ethereal egregores created by decades of clandestine manipulations of esoteric principles that are reaching critical mass - literally massive beasts loosed upon the earth, there is no stopping it. However, salvation does lie in the truth.

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Given the deep penetration of elite power structures in the west by Saudi money and influence, not to mention the continuing traditions of human trafficking and exploitation in the region, how is it possible for upheavals in Saudi Arabia NOT to be related to pizzagate?

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Dude there are NO coincidences....everything is related. Pizzagate is JFK is chemtrails is pedophilia is communism is feminism is drug culture is music industry is Hollywood is Democrat is republican is NASA is Rothschild is Zionism is Globalism is European Union is mass muslim migration is forced dilution of white people. IT IS ALL related. Everything

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Do you have more info on this storm dark occult magic thing?

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Do you have more info on this storm dark occult magic thing?

Its a metaphor. Like hearing someone say "this was a perfect storm." That means that is was probably a planned event and it was "perfect" and went as planned because it was in fact planned.

Their Goddess worship...The Goddess is basically the force of nature and water. The Goddess is said to live in a cave and be responsible for weather events such as "storms." Then you can extrapolate that out to operations such as Desert Storm when they attacked Iraq. A storm isn the desert, a perfect storm. There is also such a thing as "jewish lightening" which basically means something that was destroyed in secret by the jews in a catastrophe.

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No, it isn't

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Probaly MS13 gang members

They are pretty thick there and surrounding area

Pretty sure it's no one in politics, they are still playing Russia Russia

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Then shortly thereafter, local Fox News reports multiple agencies law enforcement activity in D.C.

Oh, how very kind of them to warn the Cabal beforehand. /s

Btw, wonder what 'Q' makes of Trump accepting Jerusalem as Israel's capital?

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Perhaps it's a polarization technique.

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Definitely a move to shake things up there to set a precedent to actually fixing the damn place.

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The "storm" is the declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel today.

Which is almost certainly going to plunge the US further into an all-out war in the MidEast.

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Thanks for the info, very enlightening!

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The "storm" is the declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel today.

Which is almost certainly going to plunge the US further into an all-out war in the MidEast.

Ding Ding Ding! This man just won a cupid doll. This one fact right here is one of the single most important things that is utterly going over people's heads.

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Now we just need Votescum, er I mean "Votescam", to express her moral outrage...

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We need a war....just you are confused which side Trump will be on. Dont stress too much about why Trump is doing this. It is political theater....the guy is a reality show genius....he also is being advised by the best minds in the World right now. This is a process of destroying the power structures out there.....this is not a gift to ZOG.

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Most likely terror related. Mi5 claimed to have stopped a terror attack on Teresa May, but MI5 is fucking worthless, and most likely had the information spoon fed to them by the US.

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I think the May story is a total fabrication.

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Pizzagate is terror related. readwipedandblew.com

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the storm is here too in my home and i need help...what do you do when your own partner is too blind to see? is the 99% really this fucking stupid? i can't take it any longer.

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There are three possibilities: their mind is ready to accept the information but needs to slowly ramp up to your level of red pill, they've been too heavily exposed to MSM Propaganda to be directly exposed to most red pills, or their IQ is too low to work through the facts.

For the first one, think about how Voat received Amalek's rants versus Q's questions: you can't force them to make the mental connections, they have to make them for themselves. Look at some of the old sticky posts on r/The_Donald or some of the more American-politics-focused subverses, and check how deep in the red pills you have to go before you're telling them something they didn't know.

In the second case, you need to break the media dam before they can see the flood of subsequent revelations. Focus on the red pills that show media collusion or fake news (the older and more-repeated the incidents, the better, especially if those old fraudsters are still committing fraud today), then focus on the truth behind many of their narrative's lies once they have realized how politically biased they are.

In the third case, just focus on getting them to be red-pilled about the toxicity of modern "feminism"/"gay rights", because you aren't going to be able to convince them about too many red pills even in the long run, and your partner falling into their clutches will turn your future into a living hell.

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This is why the media is being attacked by the sex abuse...start small force retirements....listen Trump is dominating the Media.....they will all do what he says in time. But to avoid mass confusion ans shock they are breaking the Normies into the fraud slowly...but make no mistake. ZOG is being struck in a major way. They had a culture of blackmailing each other with video of sex and murder at black mass cermonies.....what if an organisation of Patriots seized all the Jew/masons master blackmail videos And if they had thousands and thousand of hours of this shit?

Imagine they have all the evidence that AIDS, Lyme, Autism and many Cancers are a population reduction plan? And this whole Satanic Cult ran on pedophilia and sacrifice?

The World has changed already. Have a merry Christmas.....our job now is to keep telling our friends the truth...in as large a dose as they can accept...our job is to soften the blow to the Normies....to be there to tell them why the Satanist were doing what they were doing. But the Rubicon has been crossed. We are forcing it all to happen. Only thing they can do now is throw a rouge nuke.....this is why Iran, NK, Israel and Pakistan become important....they were the Nuclear black mail plan...if a major country every spoke the truth and broke away from ZOG they would threaten to Nuke them by a rouge nation.....NK is not a real country. It is a CIA puppet state. IT is run by the Jew/masons the whole time....

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Jews running teh media and the blackmail ops and being the biggest donors to both sides makes all that dumb shit you just said completely redundant. Feminism/gay rights are entirely Jewish fabrications. All this is demonstrable and meme-friendly.

The FIX-ALL RED PILL is that white Europeans are a distinct race with its own interests just like the rest and our genius and ferocity is why we are the first marked for extinction.

...actually just tell them the world is run by a "Cannibal Elite" that should work

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i am surrounded by clueless people - family. it's beyond frustrating.

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kisses...i know what cha' mean :)

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