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I am just making a simple observation. In full objective investigative findings, here's a video of Trump on the 2016 campaing trail speaking about Epstien and the Clintons unusual relationship... we could look at this as evidence to defend Trumps position relating to Pizzagate.

Then again we can also look at these pieces of evidence which, in my opinion, are not favorable to Trump as it relates to Pizzagate...

I am just trying to remain objective and unbiased in this investigation. This is quite literally THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE OF OUR LIFETIME and i don't think it does us any good to have any level of blind trust in any political figures or political party allegiances. At the moment I still tend to trust Trump is good, but if things dont start to look up in the very near future my trust in him will fade rapidly...


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In no way does Trump get a pass. Tell me this. Why are you ignoring all current events? Because current events look like Trump is targeted from multiple angles by very powerful people. Is that all fake? Why is Hollywood and DC melting down with scandal as they attack Trump? No.. this is too complicated to be an act. Big people are going down every day.