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I suspect it is MS-13, and that is a nasty place to start.


What we often find with these mass gang take downs, is that there are politicians that enable them. Remember you can not have an organization that massive without some sort of major support.

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I have to disagree here. MS13 roundup does not require sealed indictments. MS13 has already been put on notice and are currently being deported/arrested en masse. ( I have a hunch they are not making all the way back lol )

THESE ARE HIGH LEVEL INDIVIDUALS: Politicians, Judges, Police, FBI, MSM, Fortune 500 execs, etc.

Check out this post >> https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2263605

Buckle up Dorothy, Kansas is going BYE-BYE...

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Agreed. I'm sure they're being funded by the globalists and probably do a lot of their dirty work (Seth Rich).

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It could be drug ring related to MS 13 gang, or anything else. Considering that Trump does not like illegals that would be a good guess. Until it proves to be related to pedophilia its slide worthy....Its knocking posts like ICMEC off the front page.

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Just listened to a little bit of David Seaman, he mentioned that last tweets posted by Killary (22nd Nov), Bill (20th Nov), Podesta (17th Nov) so NOT EVEN a Thanksgiving Message? I checked McCain his last tweet (23rd Nov). I really hope this means something positive! - Why would not one of them post any Thanksgiving Wishes, even to their own followers? - It is a little odd, just a thought. @saryzie

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Yup. Its the small out of the normal behavior clues that thell a story of something being off. Being a big personality with certain defaults behaviors and then not following those certainly says something is up.

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I completly agree that it could be drug related and we can count on some of these being MS13. When we were at around 1500 indictments there was a thread/article (can't remember) that came out that claimed 4-500 were MS. The thread/story was tying it into the Seth Rich murder and MS being the suspect because they're the globalist muscle in America. It was also said that's why they were attacked first.

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Giving this the QAnon Storm Watch flair.

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This is a very good explanation of the 'White Rabbit' inference made by 'Q'Anon - it seems more logical than the Alex Podesta theory, as weird as he is. I think anyway. See what you think? its by Defango Published on 25 Nov 2017 - Follow The White Rabbit Explained Correctly #pizzagate? - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-zlHYxpHV0 - @carmencita @srayzie

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Ok I'll go look. Trisha, do we watch all the same youtubers or what? You must have good taste. Lol. I think Defango is a crack up. I usually only watch him when he is having George Webb, his brother, and Jason Goodman drama tho. I love their drama 😂 Sorry. Guilty! They have been on a roll again lately. I'm sitting there with my 🍿 listening like 😎. Haha.

The other day he said that people don't need to judge him by how he looks. He said " I'm fat. I don't like to exercise. Shit!" Haha. At least he admits It! I like that he's real. He cracks me up how he would always take his phone and go to Denny's. He must look like he's talking to himself! He sits his phone on the table and eats while talking to us. He LIVES online. It's a crack up. So I'll go check it out.

@Bopper you know I love Defango. Maybe you want to watch the video too BRO!

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I can see what you mean but I find it extremely hard to listen to anyone on YT more than a couple min. I want to see where all our investigation goes and then compile it all. I think there is more to come before we get the final meaning of it all.

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Why do you lend any credence to this proven false bullshit? What is your purpose in leading people down false trails?

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"Proven false" says the guy with no links

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Oh that doesn't seem like a lot or anything /s

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I’ll believe it when I see them doing the perp walk

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We're going to have to create a new holiday the day these clowns do the perp walk.

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Yep. But be ready, because the indictments are sealed to avoid tipping off potential targets that they too may be under investigation....so when some are beginning to be "unsealed"/charges brought, they will come in big bunches. The MS 13 indictments likely to come all at one time, same for any pedo ring or other organized criminal enterprise. A series of mini-floods.....

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Rico act.

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It would still be very good news if these indictments were all related to MS-13. I have a feeling that high level criminals (in politics, entertainment, media, etc) use the MS-13 gang as a proxy to do their dirty work. From their point of view it would make perfect sense to do that.

Imagine the advantage it gives them to control a brutally violent gang such as MS-13. They can intimidate & murder their enemies with it. The gang can also provide them with children and there is virtually no risk for them getting caught. It also serves as protection. Who would dare to take out someone who's protected by MS-13 murderers?

If the "good guys" can destroy MS-13, the elite scumbags will have no more physical protection.

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Is this a record?

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It's research that a team of "lawyers" got off pacer.gov

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I mean, a record number of sealed indictments.

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