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[–] Wulfgar 3 points -2 points (+1|-3) ago 

ok, stop. Vatican controls shit.


[–] Fukredditt 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

Global assets for the Catholic church are in the trillions, more wealth than the Rothchilds. Just annual operating budget in America is >$180 billion. They control huge investments in diverse industries, massive real estate holdings, and pay little if any tax.


[–] TheSeer 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

They don't control anything, but they are a go-to for certain types of influence. Religious influence. The Catholic Church is still very influential in places like Latin America (Brazil, Mexico, parts of America), Philippines, Mediterranean Europe. Ultimately we are talking about 1/5 of the world, so that is as influential as China or India!

And then you have the Jesuits, who started as crypto Jew Kabbalists/Occultists, that have effectively taken over the RCC. Even Trump is Jesuit-educated. Jerome Powell, the new expected head of the Federal Reserve is also Jesuit-educated.


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My understanding of evil is that the head is Lucifer and all these organizations are tentacles that are to used and eventually can be severed without destroying the octopus body.


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Jerome Powell, the new expected head of the Federal Reserve is also Jesuit-educated.

I'm gonna assume he fits into the Good Shabbos Goy category.


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Leuren Moret talks a lot about this in her videos & articles.


[–] truthresearcher30yrs 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago  (edited ago)

As per Q's breadcrumb questions...

The Real World Control Pyramid: Money/Oil/Religion Make The World Go Round: 3D/4 Legs/4 Sides (Prior to KSA takedown)

  • Leg 1: Rothschild = Jew/World Money-Banking Control (never really relinquished power over European banking then spread worldwide via it's international central bank system with their International Bank of Settlements in Switzerland atop controlling the world's monetary system creating VIRTUALLY ALL nations money out of thin air and issueing VIRTUALLY ALL human debt at interest to Rothschild)

  • Leg 2: Fallen Family/Rockefeller = Christian Arm I/Roman Catholic/Jesuit Based (world oil control/never really relinquished power even after Standard Oil antitrust breakup/Rothschild financed/leader David died just after Trump's election/David with underling protege Kissinger controlled CFR-Bilderberg Group/UN built On Rockefeller donated land)

  • Leg 3: Windsor = Christian Arm II/Protestant (Last of the all the great Christian Empires/Roman Catholic Originally. Never really reliquished power over the British Empire)

  • Leg 4: Saud = Muslim/Mecca (world's largest oil reserves funding/exploration/infrastructure developed by Rockefeller's Standard Oil. Saudi Arabia was a dirt poor desert wasteland with no substantial industry prior, populated by tent living/camel riding goat herders. Then Rockefeller Standard Oil & KSA entered into a joint venture which is today the world #1 oil producer Aramco)

Top Of The Pyramid/Q Capstone = Vatican/Rome/All Seeing Eye:

  • oldest institution on earth at almost 2000 years

  • world's smallest independent state

  • 100% secure walled secret state

  • true seat of power of western civilization back to Roman Empire

  • true seat of power of ALL Christian empire's (king/queens feared 'only' God/Pope/Vatican was his representative on here on earth)

  • on Pope/Vatican orders Christian empire armies marched on/pillaged/looted/conquered & converted to Christianity foreign nations and the new world in North & South America

  • large portion of the looted gold, silver, precious gems, art & antiquity from ALL Christian empire conquered nations and the new world went directly to the Vatican

  • 2 millennia of inner workings & accrued ALL Christian empire's assets (gold, silver, gems, historical art, human antiquity, investments, world stock market holdings, world institutional holdings...) ALL UNKNOWN

Follow The Money Question: Where's ALL The Vatican Money/Grown Assets/Capital Gains From ALL Christian Empires For 2000 Years??

  • NEVER AUDITED by public or church members

  • NEVER LOOTED by unhappy peasantry and dispersed like monarchies were

  • NEVER NATIONALIZED for the people by fearful King/Queen forced to allow democracy or face lynching by the people

  • NEVER USED used to cure world poverty? answer obvious

  • NEVER USED used to cure world hunger? answer obvious

  • NEVER USED to operate and grow church's worldwide as every individual church independently built/funded by local membership/parishioners

Follow The World Geopolitical Control

Question: Why do 82 countries have Vatican embassies/diplomatic missions today... even though the Roman Catholicism and Christianity is completely marginalized in today's world??? Mmmm... weird huh?


[–] angry_mob 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

yeah i always like to ask the question - if the vatican/pope is so fucking HOLY, then why do they need all that GOLD??


[–] Bansheemanshee 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

Very well written. Thanks so much for this. Got anymore? I've made a lot of these connections in my head but couldn't lay it out as clean as you have. I've been following Q as well and think he/she resonates so much with most is because alot of us have already researched certain aspects of corruption so we have a little more understanding of how much information is actively suppressed from the general public making it impossible to connect all the dots. Some of Qs posts have helped connect those dots.